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  1. Still for sale. Engine and trans currently out for engine repair. Price is negotiable as is. Crank and rod to be ordered to fix.
  2. Yes, email really is the better way to contact me. Tombarace14@yahoo.com
  3. This thing is still for sale. I'm entertaining reasonable offers.
  4. Had a few inquiries about the car. It's still for sale. Parked inside my new shop taking up floor space.
  5. Just like he said, car it's still for sale. Thread will be deleted when it is.
  6. Car is still for sale contact me at tombarace14@yahoo.com I don't frequent the forum much as I just had a baby.
  7. Got the car buffed and valves adjusted up. Took it to my local cars and coffee last Saturday. Also waiting on a walk around running video to come through on Photobucket. .
  8. Took a bunch of pictures, waiting on a nice day to get some walk around video and maybe some driving. I tired to show in the pictures the issues with the paint along with the filler at the the flare that has cracked. The front of the car must have the oldest paint as it fades back out if the car is not kept buffed and waxed. I did not buff the car out to show just that. Items just recently done new ngk -9 heat range racing plugs. new Bosch EV-14 38lb injectors. Filters, oil change done this week. Alignment Mild Street. This car will come with the Laptop and cables to tune the 950. I have yet to take it on many trips mainly due to the gearing. But it is a pile of fun to drive. This car is just shy paint and some WOT throttle tuning short of being a great car. Its had all of the typical metal work done and ready for someone to enjoy it. http://s189.photobucket.com/user/tombarace14/library/73%20Datsun%20240Z%20FOR%20SALE
  9. My thoughts are with Ross and his family, cancer is a horrible thing. Enjoy the time left and If there is anything we can do just say the word.
  10. Too many projects, never enough time...

  11. Putting this back up, still looking to get rid of this hatch/ spoiler.
  12. As it says, I have never been a big fan of whale tails and would like to trade. Its molded in and will come with the elec. popper, paint and body work is in great cond. Looking for a CF or FG hatch preferably.
  13. http://harrisonburg.craigslist.org/pts/3325594218.html
  14. Picture of connector Im sure I have one
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