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  1. Hello, are you stillmessing with that GTO kit and get close to finishing? Let me know, as if have a body kit and need a good donor car,which is near impossible to find around here (Hopkinsville, Ky) thanks ron

  2. Con Brio... Looks out-standing. Bravo man!
  3. Sounds like you're tearing right through it. Should be back together in no time.
  4. Con Brio Car looks awesome. How'd the engine problem work out...? What was the final diagnosis?
  5. Con Brio, sucks to hear it. Hopefully it's just the push rod. Should be up and running quickly. Photos!!!
  6. Looking Good Chelle. I'm looking forward to seeing pics of Kims car as well. And for any of you not going to Carlyle on the 16-18, head up to Portland OR for the Oregon Trail Rally. http://www.oregontrailrally.com/ It's going to be a banner year. (And make noise for Car 33, the Alfa GTV6.)
  7. Hey - thanks for the feedback guys. Here are some additional shots in case it helps anyone better identify this kit. Anyone else have an idea? The Duke
  8. Nice history Boy from Oz I've yet to determine who was the manufacturer of my kit. Can you identify it from the front end? Duke
  9. Hello All, Been a while. Just finished the suspension and coil-overs on my car. Also have the rims and Hoosier tires mounted. Unfortunately (fortunately?) I have several other project cars competing for attention, hence the slow progress. Here's a preview... including my planned paint scheme.
  10. mclark999 Good thing you weren't traveling at speed...
  11. As noted on the web ref above: Scaglietti-built cars (including many early 60's gts) were painted with product manufactured by Glidden Salchi. (The Pininfarina builds used paint manufactured by either PPG or Duco and Duco didn't manufature any metalic paints.) The 250 GTO was manufactured by Scaglietti so it stands to bear that the Rosso Cina (China Red) refered to under the PPG Italver list is different somehow. 23 of the original ˜39 cars came from the factory painted "Rosso Cina" (China Red) 32* 250 GTOs with the series 1 body (All kits are based on this body style) 3 330 GTOs with the series 1 body 3 250 GTOs with the series 2 body 1 250 GTO with LMB bodywork *Not counted as part of the 32 is s/n 2643 GT, the GTO prototype built by Pininfarina on a 250 GT SWB chassis. (source (web-cars.com) The picture shows a series two car next to a series one. Here is a potential source: http://www.racecarnewmedia.com/paulbaber/automobiliadetail.asp?ID=164 I've also heard that the Rosos Cina paint used on the 1962 ferrari is a fiat color. However most fiat colors we're PPG Italver so this again this contradicts the the Glidden Salchi - scaglietti information...and so it goes... Any way, these are the colors I would look at... Rosso cina Italver A20456S paint. (Ferrari) Rosso Farina '71290 (Fiat) Rosso Cardinale KF-185504 '62-68 71456 (Fiat) Rosso Cina "duce" D812-69484 (Ferrari post 69) I'm going to paint mine silver or black so I haven't gone to the next level of research on the red color Good Luck.
  12. As Dave suggested, it is an Aztec or an Aztecd GT. The Design was GT40 "inspired."
  13. Wondering to have spare engineering and build time for this type of useful endevour... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gVroMbHBcLg&mode=related&search
  14. A unique modification. Much easier to park, although the flowing lines and top speed have been comprimised... Still, it does represent the car of the future in some way.
  15. Someone may have already posted this but there's an article on Chelle's GTO in the Oct 2007 Kit Car Builder. http://www.kitcarclub.com/ Look in the upper right... My favorite line: "Many women would have a psychotic eposode at the very idea of bits of headlights in the oven, but these two pop them in and bake cookies at the same time." All in all pretty cool. Congrats Chelle.
  16. Add me to the list BFO. I have the perspex covers but no trim rings. I plan on going troubles route but we'll see...His seemed to turn out pretty damn well. Trouble any chance you could put up some more pics of your trim rings? Welcome JM6. Cheers
  17. Posted this a while back on a different thread. Seems like this is the info that folks are looking for. Original Ferrari 250 GTO 1962 Front Wheels F 38.1 x 15.2 cm / 15.0 x 6.0 in Borrani Rear Tires R5/R6 700L x 15 Dunlops rim 6.0 section 7.3? dia 26.6? tread 4.6 Rear wheels R 38.1 x 16.5 cm / 15.0 x 6.5 in Borrani Rear Tires R5/R6 700L x 15 Dunlops rim 6.5 section ~7.35? dia ~29.20? tread ~4.6? One option for GTO 280z Front Tires 205/70VR15 rim range 5.5-7.0 section 6.88 dia 26.30 tread 6.1 Rear Tires 225/70SR15 rim range 6.5-8.0 section 9.33 dia 27.44 tread 7.0 2nd Option for GTO 280z Front Tires 225/60HR15 rim range 6.0-9.0 section 8.80 dia 25.60 tread 7.3 Rear Tires 235/60VR15 rim range 7.5-9.0 section 9.45 dia 26.34 tread 7.6 Stock 280Z tire reference Front Tire 195/70-HR - 14 rim range 5.0-7.0 section 7.67 dia 25.16 tread 6.1 Rear tire 195/70-HR - 14 rim range 5.0-7.0 section 7.67 dia 25.16 tread 6.1
  18. Trouble is right on the money. Great story by the way. I lifted the term Goat from the nickname for the pontiac GTO. I have a 67 Ram Air III 400 firebird sitting in my garage, owned it forever and a day ...always had a thing for the "wide traks".
  19. Damn that is some welding! ...it's art in and of itself.
  20. Slow progress...new wheels tires....
  21. Chelle! Yozza looks great. Engine bay is really looking sharp, as is the rest of the car. Thanks for the preview. By the way Speed, I've heard really good things from number of people retiring to Tenesssee. beautiful state.
  22. Duke

    New Car...

    Brabus is pretty much wheels and stuff, the AMG V8 engine is unchanged...I'm okay with that. No idea what these guys are saying but it's fun to watch, and commuting will not be the same... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WI0ebmlS8aY
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