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  1. Hey guys, Its been a while since my last post, but I am now on the hunt for another Z since my last 260 I am looking for a Car that is mostly complete, as I don't want to have to go looking for nuts an bolts. Also I am looking for something that does not have any body damage. I do not care if the car doesnt run, as I have an engine to put in it. Please let me know ASAP if anyone has anything to offer. Thanks! Sincerely, Benjamin M
  2. :)Hey guys, I was planning on dropping my carbed engine into a 77 shell. The thing is is that the 77 has a different ignition controll module and is missing the type of plug that is present on the distributor of my carbed engine. Should I A. get another dizzy or B. Extract the ignition and wiring from the old car. Are there any other options? Is the ICM the same on both cars? Thy both look different. I'll maybe post pictures later. Thanks for any advise.
  3. Thanks for all of the posts. I think the trauma of loosing my baby is starting to kick in. I wasn't injured from the crash thankfully. Tube framed front end would be sick but im really low on cash. Im thinking of getting another Z thats missing an engine and just swapping it. This car has got some pretty sweet goodies to go on the next on. Ben
  4. Rear tires are worn bald and shouldnt have been driven on. Lets put it that way. Also poor driving. -Ben
  5. Another one bites the dust I loved that Z a lot. On to another one I guess. Ben
  6. Duowing. Yes, You need the brackets that azcarbum makes in order to mount the 240z bumper to your 280, or late 260. I have done the valance conversion on my car using the Xenon Air dam. I also made a thread showing folks how they can extend the slats on your grille to cover the old turn signal boxes. Ben
  7. So I was at a furniture store getting a new bed frame and a fella who worked there said he was getting into photography and asked if he could take some pictures of my car. Heres the results
  8. Thanks a lot guys. Ill be sure to change those bushings once I do my diff swap soon. Until then I will try to tighten it down a little and see if it clears anything up. Ben
  9. I hear a clunking noise when my rear end exits a steep driveway or goes over a speed bump. Should the mustache bar mounting points be tightened up against the chassis? here is a photo of its current position. Also I just replaced the shocks and springs. Thanks for any advise! Ben
  10. Not to thread jack, but here is one of my idiot manager scinarios. I go into the bathroom 30 minutes after my shift starts. I come out of the bathroom to see that someone has clocked me out. I walk over to this idiot manager and say. "Why did you clock me out of my phone" he says "because you were trying to use personal time at the beginning of your shift.. If you want to use time at the beginning of your shift you need to do that stuff before you come into work..". I then say "Excuse me sir but I wasnt just doing "stuff", I was taking a Sh!T" Idiot manager "Go home, you are not allowed to curse at a supervisor"
  11. Would the tranny mount from my auto 260 work with the 5 speed I am about to swap in? Or do I need to source out another tranny mount. Thanks Ben
  12. I installed a set of SU's on my L28E from an 82' Check it out runs great after their warm! (which takes a good 5 minutes from completely cold)
  13. I was also concerned about this with my tokico install. After installing them twice with no problems using the biggest crescent wrench I could find at the harbor freight It was apparent that the wrench is not absolutely required. Also a sweet tip I found when installing the fronts: If you remove whole strut assembly and need to loosen or torque a gland nut down real good. With the rotor and hub on, Lay a wheel flat on the ground/upside down and insert the lug studs into the back of the wheel. This gives you great leverage and keeps the strut from flopping around while your working on it. Ben
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