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  1. Wow I didn't think that there were too many people from the metro area on here. Hello everyone!
  2. Hello everybody, A guy is trying to get me to pay for a new $754.00 rim on his car. My question is: Do I have to pay him..... Here is the story On saturday a friend and I were running errands. While we were driving I stopped at a stop sign and proceeded to turn left on to a four lane road (two lanes heading north, two heading south). I made a full stop and looked both ways. There were NO cars heading north or south. Both my friend and I looked and the coast was clear. I pulled out into one of the inner lanes and signaled to go into the outer lane. while I was going into the outer lane I heard a horn so I jumped back into the inner lane. This guy pulls up next to me in a 2007 Roush Mustang 427R. He says "pull over! You made me scratch my rim!" So I pull over and the rim is barely scratched. It can be fixed easily but he wants a new one. He took my insurance information and when I asked for his he didn't give it to me so I called the cops. A cop came and we filled out a police report. He did have insurance. I told him that I didn't want to go through the insurance company and that I would just give him the money when I got paid. But.... do I have to pay? I think he was speeding when I turned out because there is a slight slope down the road that you can't see cars after about 50 feet. You can see cars that are going the speed limit but a car could creep up on you if it were speeding. Also If he were going the speed limit he could have had control of his car and stopped in time. All he did was swirve which is why he scraped the curb. Finally, our cars never touched. It wasnt a collision. What do you guys think? Any help would be great.
  3. Hello, I am in alittle bit over my head with the 300... I recently replaced the coil packs, the coil pack connectors, and the injectors on my 91 300zx twin turbo. I replaced the factory injectors with 660cc injectors. When I got it back the car had an erratic idle (It would go from around 200 rpm to around 1200 rpm). Also when I get to full boost the car cuts out. It feels to me that the car is hitting fuel cut or the timing is off. I know that since i bought bigger injectors the car will have to be tuned. I don't have any type of fuel management system other than the stock ECU. My question is: How do I tune the car (set air/fuel ratio or curve timing to get the car to run right). Or if I am totally off what possible issues could be causing my problems. Any help or suggestion is greatly appreciated. Thank you -Mike
  4. the car should be somewhere around that time. But it also depends on the driver. If he doesn't have alot of experience on a track then it could be far worse.
  5. It drives like my 280z did. Kinda rough and alot of road noise but that can be expected out of a car that old. The tires are soooooo narrow with no room for improvement. You would have to hack at the fenders to get anything bigger or wider in there. That makes the car corner like crap. Not quite the track crusher but fun all in all.
  6. 1974 Saab Sonett III. It's such a cool little car. It has a Ford V-4 from a forklift, and is made of fiberglass. It gets about 35-38 MPG. Best part is that I only paid 1,500 for it and it runs like a champ. I don't really want to modify a rare car like this. But I was thinking about making a custom "BRE" style duckbill spoiler for it. Any other suggestions would be welcome as well .
  7. Nice thread BRAAP! Let me start off by saying my Z32 is the best overall car that I have ever owned. I get looks everywhere I go, it's still fast enough to keep up with more modern sports cars (and even beat them in the corners), comfortable on the inside, and most importantly it carries the badge of NISSAN! But like BRAAP said they are a total pain in the rear to work on and it always seems like they are not running to full potental. Do not own this car as a primary source of transpotation! Keep it in the garage as a nice cruiser. All in All I think this quote by "Sport Compact Car" April 2006, volume 18, NO. 4 page 68 sums up the Z32 to me.... "In 1989 there was no Nsx, the new Ferraris all pretty much sucked, the Camaro was a jersey-trolling IROC bucket, 5.0 liter Mustangs were sorta-quick but primordial, the Supra was more crushed velour than the quarter-mile crusher, and the Corvette was clearly aimed at 50-year-old waterbed salesmen wearing sansabelt slacks and bad comb-overs. It was into this shallow pond of mediocrity that Nissan lobbed in its fourth-generation Z-car- the gorgeous and brilliant performing Z32. The new 300zx's splash was big. The new 300-horsepower 300zx twin turbo's splash was dang near a tsunami." here are some pictures of mine!
  8. I love the drawings! the s130 looks so good with a widebody kit. Ahh I wish somebody would build one.
  9. Also I think Vildini's username on here is SR240Z (I could be wrong though)you could try to PM him.
  10. A noble M400- Twin turbo ford taurus engine. Unique haha.
  11. I don't mind driving to get the right car. We have a car hauler and I enjoy the drive. Your right that it is very hard to find any old imports in the midwest.
  12. RX7's are listed 30 MPG highway http://www.geocities.com/MotorCity/Speedway/3734/firstgen.html
  13. Hello, Recently I have been thinking about getting a daily driver beater car. I would like to keep the miles down on the Z32. Also I drive around alot and the 300 is making me put 20 dollars in it every other day (thats with keeping my foot out of it) . I come with the question of what 1980's import to buy. The reason why I say 1980's is because for some dang reason I just love Japanese cars of the 80's. I was thinking along the lines of a first generation RX7, toyota corolla, a celica supra, a 200sx, even a four door that could one day be a sleeper . Something that I can have as alittle cheap project, that is fun, that is ok on gas (25 mpg or more city), and will look good with fender mounted mirrors (not really important but how can you do an 80's japanese car without fender mounted mirrors haha). I am looking to spend 500 dollars or less. Any ideas? Thanks, Mike
  14. Vildini's Z is an inspiration to me.
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