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  1. Still really want this! Available for purchase yet?
  2. teamvigilance

    Parting out 1983 280zx Turbo,

    Looking for passenger fender if it's in good condition, maybe even driver side as well
  3. Post pics! Very interested
  4. teamvigilance

    SBC V8 Part-Out

    Do you still have the exhaust? I have a 383 stroker zx that I'm just about needing an exhaust for.
  5. teamvigilance

    Issues with LT1 harmonic balancer?

    I'm running the stock balancer on a LT1 in a s130. Jtr s130 sbc kit, No clearance issues, tons of room, it's nothing like a scarab mount, I'm slammed against the firewall, with a t56 Hope that helps, also I have a power steering rack and I'm planning on making custom hydraulic lines for the stock lt1 pump, all my research I've done, I see no problem with running that pump with that rack. Cheers
  6. teamvigilance

    LT1 280ZX Build

    Need more updates, I'm doing a carbed LT1 280zx as well, I will post pics of mine soon