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  1. RB26 engine rebuilt with new forged pistons & rods, lots of head work done with a set of Tomei cams, all bottom end has been balanced new GT 2860-5 turbos, Big inlet manifold with 100mm RIPS throttle body, Nismo 600cc injectors on a Greedy fuel rail, x2 red top lifter pumps into surge tank x2 Bosch 044 main pumps to fuel rail, Stainless manifolds and HKS down pipes both heat coated.
  2. 3000RPM = 300BHP at the rear wheels.
  3. Nearly all sorted in the end it was a problem with a new Nismo AFM so I had to buy another new one to replace it. On the Dyno at 3000RPM we had just over 300 at the rear wheels with very little boost.
  4. So the story so far last year engine was running (not on road) poor idle and problems with new Nismo AFM and i was working away so the Z has been garaged for around 12 months. AFM problem and idle now sorted as the car is at a Skyline workshop/Rolling Road to be sorted and mapped. Pictures are from yesterday when it was driven for the first time around the units roads.
  5. Up and running again but have a poor idle, my tuner thinks it might be a blocked injector so have sent them off to be flow tested.
  6. Not had it running yet we turned on the ignition and it has melted the No1 coil pack (nearest to the radiator) will have to see what has been wired wrong !!! Another day another dollar !!!.
  7. Z32 series 2 ignitor is now fitted onto the bulkhead away from the heat, just got to fill with some fresh fuel and it should be running again. Will let you know how i get on soon.
  8. 240z with Skyline RB26DETT R33 engine i have a Apexi Boost Controler were does it plug into the original skyline loom ? Thanks Dave
  9. Yes all the bits have arrived they should if the auto sparky turns up be fitted this coming thursday.
  10. Still waiting for the bit to arrive from USA it should be here early doors next week.
  11. Waiting for a few bits to land here in the UK so have changed the rear turbo air intake set up as i was using the original RB26 set up but had to cut it down to make it fit, i was not happy with the bend and it would have caused problems with the air intake.. So have made up a new part.
  12. You should just about clear the hood great thing about having a vented hood is I can remove the vents and can see into the engine bay I had to move my rad down or it would have dented !!!! Do you want me to have a measure and take some pictures of under the bonnet when its closed ?
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