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  1. Good evening, I have been away from the site a long time. I sold my Z right after I painted it and let all of my extra parts go with it. I also got separated from my wife of 12 years on the same day. Long story not meant to be told here. I made a lot of mistakes on my Z project that kept me bogged down for years while trying to get it running and it seems like I only had it for a couple of months once I was done with it. I was very disappointed with my homemade paint job and wished that I would have just left the car in primer instead. I am looking for another Datsun to convert and this time I will be smarter the second time around. You may see me pop back up soon if I can find a donor car for the right price. Charlie
  2. Thanks guys, and I will make sure to stop in once in a while. Mike my new toy is a 1981 all numbers matching Corvette. Yes I know the 81's are sometimes considered the dogs of the vettes but this one has all the original parts and the paint is gorgeous. It had about 43,000 original miles on it when I bought it. Here it is in all its glory. Davy the feeling is mutual here. It was nice to see a fellow Hybrid Zer all the way from California. Poundz9oh9 nope I got my hood from JC WHitney Thanks again guys
  3. I joined Hybrid Z in December 2001 and I just wanted to take a moment thank the members of this site for helping through the highs and the lows of doing this project. I could not have even come close to finishing this car without you. The knowledge base here is second to none and I have personally learned a good deal from you all. I particularly want to thank Mike KZ for coming up to my house to help me in the early days of my engine start up and for inviting me to come down on a couple of occasions to meet and greet at the local Hooters. Mike I am sorry that I never was able to attend a SEZ event during this time. It always seemed to be on the weekends that I worked. I also want to thank Pete Paraska for inspiring me to begin my project (even though he probably has no idea he ever did). I stumbled onto Pete’s web site a long time ago and saw his blue 327 powered 240 and I was hooked. I joined Hybrid Z soon after. I am sorry to say that my Z car, like so many others before it, is now up for sale on that famous auction site many of us both love and hate. If you do go to the auction you will see that there are a lot of parts that will go with my car to the highest bidder. At the present time I do not want to sell those parts separately that is why I have everything listed together. If you are interested, the item number for my car is 320147449803. You will also see that I have been bitten by the Corvette bug once again and have no place now to put my Datsun. It has been a long hard journey but now it is time for someone else to take up where I have left off and give this little car a good home with a roof over its head. Again I just wanted to say thanks to all who have helped me along the way and may God Bless you all.
  4. Hope someone chimes in on this company because from the looks of it they offer a very large choice of color combinations that you cannot get for the 240-280. I would be interested if they have a good rep.
  5. Okay as far as searching goes here is what I got when I searched your last question about engine casting or identification numbers: http://forums.hybridz.org/search.php?searchid=889667 Here’s another from about four weeks ago: http://forums.hybridz.org/showthread.php?t=120232&highlight=Engine+identification And yet one more: http://forums.hybridz.org/showthread.php?t=67914&highlight=Engine+identification There are plenty of items here so search man search
  6. Well I finally got around to painting my car with the Duplicolor Jet Black. I started around 3:00pm and finished around 3:00am! I will have to take more pictures when I can get it out in the sun. I already know I missed a couple of spots but I did not find them until I ran out of black! I still have to do my hatch door so I will get around to buying another quart or two in a couple of days. Here are some pics that I took tonight. Overall I am pretty pleased with my first attempt at laying down a top coat. It does have orange peel but I think that I can wet sand that out when I get some time. I will try to take some more pictures out in the sun when I get up today before I head off to work.
  7. Doesn't Advance Auto have a web site that you can place orders on? Looks like I may not be painting today afterall. I just got home about an hour ago and it is 38 degrees here in GA. It will warm up a little later on today though I may see what I can do.
  8. Well that would be ok I guess, that would give me more time to do some sanding and prep work.
  9. Man it's a good thing there was not a passenger in that little Z at the time of the wreck. Glad to hear you walked away with only a slight injury.
  10. Went to my local Advance Auto Parts store last night and bought the "Jet Black," primer and clear coat. I will be starting my home paint job this Friday morning when I get off of work. I was just going to put another coat of epoxy primer on the car and had already bought some more to do the job and then I saw this stuff advertised. Now I will go ahead and lay down another coat of epoxy followed by the Duplicolor primer and then the top coat of jet black followed by the clear coat. I will as always show the pictures once I am done. By the way this stuff costs me $19.88 a quart. The only other color in stock at this particular store was the Performance Red. Keep you posted.
  11. I am using a Carter fuel pump, part #180-P4600HP, for my set up with no return line. It cost 83.78 from Jegs a couple of years ago.
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