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  1. Working excellent, have not had any problems with it at all. I have put about 2000 miles on the car. I would highly recomend doing it for the cheap alternative route if you are comfortable with grinding on the block and spending some time making everthing fit correctly.
  2. LOL....Better yet....SHIFT the damn thing
  3. Hey Janaka....Were you able to get any pics?
  4. Cool...yea same springs that are on my car. Im interested to see what it looks like with the DR on it. Thanks
  5. Wondering if anyone is running 235/60/15's on the street and if so do you have any pictures of it and what offset or backspacing on the wheels do you have? Thanks James
  6. Well.....Buttoned it all up, put about a 1/2 a turn into the lifters from 0 lash. Started it up and put 36 degrees of timing in it, runs excellent so far. Took it out for a spin and man o man.....no traction in second gear at all.....fun fun. Seems to run pretty good up to 6 grand. Im gonna go ahead and put a couple miles on it in the next couple weeks and see if everything stays as it should. Oh and I went with a Comp Cams extreme energey retrofit cam...... http://www.summitracing.com/parts/CCA-12-432-8/
  7. For the last couple years i had been using rotella diesel oil for breakins... I have used GM oes additive also in the past.
  8. Thought I would post a little upadate for anyone interested..... Bought a cam (comp extreme energy) Motor is assembled and I ordered a set of pushrods last night, I should get them before friday and Ill have the motor in the car this weekend and maybe started this weekend also. I went ahead and filled the motor with oil with the intake off and primed it and at 60 psi of pressure the oil coming out the lifters looks about the same as any other motor that I have built....so....so far so good, looks like it should work excellent.
  9. Will do....But I think in some of the pictures that you are looking at there I had taken after spinning the cam around a couple revolutions and the lifters are kinda sticking up cause the lifter bores are dry. I have another roller block that I put the cam into with the lifters and retainers and the lifters are almost identical in height.
  10. Thought I would share some of what I had done recently. I recently built a new small block for my Z. Long story short, did everything correct to the T...correct oil, breakin time and rpm ect.... and had two seperate flat tappet cams go flat. So I found some information online where a couple guys were using roller lifters out of 2.2L gm motors, spiders and dog retainers out of later model v8 roller motors in early small blocks with a little machine work on the blocks. So I thought what the hell....I have already spent around $500 on cams and lifters at this point whats another couple 100 gonna hurt. So 49 cent used lifters from a 2.2L cavaleir motors. I already had the spider and retainers out of a later model roller motor and this is where im at....... Good thing about this is that you can either use the conventional roller type cam or a retro type cam with just using the correct timing chain/gear and button...Im gonna order a cam this week and should have the motor assembled and running on a test stand before it goes in the car. James
  11. Ok so im a little confused....arnt you guys unbolting the lower control arms to swing it all out a little to bolt it all together?
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