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  1. I live in VA too. I don’t own a Z car anymore but i have owned three in the past. I’m always looking for another ;p BOT, I own a r6 and LOVE IT! So I’m going to suggest the Yamaha FZ6. It's a detuned R6 and can be turned into a "street fighter" bike pretty easily. Here is a pic:
  2. wow, nice. i wanted a roadster but heard that they lack the power to enjoy the drive and ride. Do anything to the motor? and what are your thoughts on this? Your car is in AMAZING condition.
  3. i believe i have glass for the door in my shed. I'm going to be there Friday or Saturday so i will look. i know the glass that i have is one for a 240z, another is a 260z and i also have a window for a 280z. which side did you need?
  4. Cool, thanks for the info guys. I'm going to replace it eventually, but right now I'm just poor
  5. hello all, I have a 260z and the brake booster or check valve has gone out a bit ago. When i drive around and hit the break, it makes a hissing sound and turn the idle of the car erratic to almost stalling. I am going to go buy a new check valve to see if its it (knowing my luck it is never that simple). But if not i can not afford a new brake booster right now. I'm sinking a lot of money into the body work and paint right now and just need time to come up with extra cash. So if its not the check valve, can i just disconnect the booster vent line from the intake manifold and drive like that? leaving the booster in place. thanks in advance everyone. casey
  6. on my motorcycle helmet, i used a film that can be just stuck on and prevents fogging up. its the same film they put on ski/snowboarding goggles. maybe they make this for cars? or maybe a sheet big enough to put in front of the driver? just a thought.
  7. Wouldn't it have been easier to cut the roof and weld in a skin? The PO installed a sunroof on my car. It caved in around the edges and rust started to form so now it looks like the sunroof was installed with a hammer and a can opener. So this is the approach that I'm going to take i think. Your work looks awesome. i hope to get the body strait on mine also.
  8. i can only speak for my old high school vehicle which was a 2000 chevy s-10 with a goodmark hood of the same style design. here is a pic. it was a cowl induction with the front and back opened up but it started out with just the back open. i made a custom forced cowl induction tray that ran into the air box. it seemed to get alittle more pep when i opened the front too. but that is just with the butt dyno.
  9. any from 1969 240z-1978 280z. this also includes the 260z. Also, basically everything from the fenders forward on the 240-260-280s and interchangeable.
  10. I'm going to be installing mine on Tuesday hoping for the same results. Glad to hear that it worked out. did you have to notch the crossmember to clear the new bolts?
  11. Hey all, I just got my R/T mount in the mail from Roostmonkey and it looks great! Since im going to be installing this i figured i might as well get some fuel things in order. so..... My fuel pump went out not to long ago and i was short on money at the time. So i ended up getting a cheap $41.00 universal fuel pump from Pepboys and im currently hating it. Its loud, draws a crap load of amps and only flows 2.5-3.5psi. I have been told that the ideal fuel pressure for my carb setup (duel stock webers) is 4-5 psi., so im running short there. Also, i currently do not have a regulator on my fuel line. This is the fuel pump/regulator combo that im looking into. The combo is only $97.00 for both... the fuel pump: 105 gph (free flow) 70 gph at 9 psi High pressure 14psi max and the regulator: 4-1/2 to 9 PSI 3/8” NPT Ports restriction: .220” (7/32”) -Would this be a good combo for my 260? if i set the pressure regulator at 4.5 psi? -The install directions say to just block off one of the 'out' ports if running a single carb setup or run it to a gauge. i will probably run it to a gauge either an in-line or electric, not sure yet. It all depends on the cash flow. they also sell a low psi pump if that would be a better choice 95 gph (free flow) 65 gph at 5 psi Low pressure 7 PSI MAX Thanks in advance.
  12. hey just posting the R/T mount after i painted it red. cant wait to install and hopefully get rid of the damn 'clunk' in the rear of the car. Thanks Roostmonkey! I might take some pics as i install. kind of a photo walk through.
  13. sorry, didnt read the whole post....but im tired.
  14. not the best but there wasn't any reflection on the original pic so it looks dull. but would look a lot better with a shine. not bad for 10 min ;p
  15. i would say no. you need 2 5/8" to make it fit the stock pods in the dash. The speedo and tach are 5". hope that helps. check out my page in my sig. it is a picture of 2 5/8" autometer gauges in my dash. Directions on how to install are on Blue's Tech Tips. here is a pic of the stock plug connections if you just want to get electrical and use the stock wiring.
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