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  1. Not abandoned just took a new lob out of town so I get about a day at home each week. Usually cutting grass and finishing a couple of the rifle and pistol builds I had going and already had the stuff for. Sadly I think I have everything for the car. One thing I have done is acquire the dash, gages, A/c and pedals from a 2001 cobra to go with the motor. I'm not sure how all that goes into the car but it should make the electronics a hell of a lot easier. I should be in a position to get some work done in another couple of months. I hate just peeking under the cover with it sitting on the lift in the shop.. Greg
  2. I've read most of the Suspension FAQ's but they were around general Suspension and mainly setups for the track. I also read Terry's install and him going to great trouble to use the existing Frame mounting area as it is reinforced. My thoughts on the power steering were because of the increased effort once you increase the Caster. I'm dropping a 4.6 4v so the extra inch and a quarter of space to the crossmember would help. Just curios if anyone else had done it. Thanks Greg
  3. Anyone else tried this? I see a lot of positives if dropping a V8 and adding power steering. Particularly for a street car. If you've done it I would like to hear about any of the tough parts. Greg
  4. One thing that needs to be said and that's thanks to Notheredave and Yellowoctupus for their post. I would not be attempting this if they had not shown it can be made to fit and run.... Greg
  5. Well I've read the posting by by the other members on their 4.6 dohc builds and am ready to start. My body shop needed cut me a deal to leave the chassis with them this winter to be a "rainy" day project. After nine months it's back. Since the car is painted before the build I'll be stripping all the sheet metal off agin and storing it while we work on putting the engine and systems in place. Then touch up to paint and finish the car. My order of work will be suspension, electric, then the motor goes in and we work on interior. Thanks to stock4now for a rust free chassis he sold me for this project. The pictures are the chassis back from paint and the engine/tranny from the 2001 cobra. One thing about this build that will be different. I've going to try and swap in a cobra dash and pedal set. If I can figure that out, everything gets easier. Engine, tranny, A/C all of it. Since there is nothing in the car now why not... Greg
  6. gls355

    4.6L Ford DOHC modular motor in my 240z

    I had read those and some of the others posted by members with 2v and other fords. Did not know which steering option you went with. I think I may try the extra shaft and joint, looks simpler than the extra gearing and rack relo. How is your ground clearance? I've got a 1 inch drop in the suspension. And just in case you and others who how done such a great job of posting did not know, it really benefits us all. Hours of work are saved by being able to aggregate the combined experience. Thanks again.
  7. gls355

    4.6L Ford DOHC modular motor in my 240z

    You inspire me and to my regret are costing me money as I previously posted. I'm swapping that 2001 SVT cobra engine into the 240. Been chicken till I saw someone fit it in. Mine's got the 3650 trans and I bought the wiring all the way thru the dash. A couple of questions, can you share any of the measurements you ended up with on the modified mustang crossmember? Just looking for a base staring point, top of stub rail to bottom of member etc... Also did you end up having to section the steering rod after offsetting and rolling the engine a touch? Thanks, Greg
  8. gls355

    460ZGT Project Build

    I'd like to add my thanks for the amount of detail you've supplied. Like many here I've been looking at my 240z that coming back from paint and thinking since it's not the original L24 in it why not put the 2001 4.6 4v SVT I have in it. I've got it soup to nuts from the tranny to the dash wiring. I've read ALL the post here on the ford v8's and while some others have worked on the 4v swap none I've read are on the road. Even though yours is a 2v seeing it on the road helps. I believe between the other 4v post and what you have here I can sort it out. Before the critics start in I'll state I already own that 4v ( was intended for my Studebaker) and can't really afford to see it sit while I fork out more cash for a chevy LS. Also, like a lot of folks here it seems kind of cool to open the hood and see nothin' but motor! Thanks again for sharing all this with us.
  9. gls355

    Possible part out 72 240Z widebody

    I'd be in for the dash and header. Just let me know.
  10. gls355

    MSA type 2 front air dam

    Did this ever sell?
  11. gls355

    Type 2 or 3 Air Dam

    Anyone want to sell of trade one of these I have to have one. Yes I'm aware of what it takes to ship one of these around. I do have some parts if you prefer trade to cash.
  12. gls355

    4.6L Ford DOHC modular motor in my 240z

    Man you're costing me money. I've a SVT out of a 2001 Cobra with all the electrics and the tranny. It was SUPPOSED to go into a 54 Stude Coupe I've been working on for a few years. Now you've got me thinking about wedging it into one of my 240's. One thing on the cold air intake, have you considered a shaker hood setup? I'm a child of the 70's and they were everywhere.
  13. gls355

    need 240z shell southeast

    OK I got scammed. Bought another car on ebay and this time got burned as my almost no rust 72 240z in missing the lower parts of the A-pillars and everything behind them. Anyone got a fairly clean shell for sale? South East I can pick it up, west I'd have to ship. Just need something to swap the rest of my car onto. WIll pay according to shape etc...