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  1. Hello do you still make a adapter for Z32 front brake calipers to a 280zx?  How much?

  2. I'm BACK good to see your work I will be reading it tonight...To catch up I am looking into custom dashes I will be posting pictures soon.
  3. Cool...Let me know if you have any more questions. I am also building a VK45 setup...Have the parts now. It will be a cruiser. PS Nice choice on paint...My first choice was the Viper Blue w/ White stripes but the painter ran off with the parts and paint. I will be going mild Porsche metallic silver.
  4. Will be listing in the item for sale section with pictures and descriptions...As soon as I can.
  5. I have some items that I need to sell to fund the madness. See attached HybridZ stuff for sale.txt
  6. I am back on it! I am going get my car in for the welding this month. Will take lots of pictures.
  7. It's been awhile...I am putting a 2010 Hyundai Genesis 4.6L Tau engine 378 hp @ 6500RPM Yahoo....and a ZF 6 speed automatic in my Mitsubishi Van. And rebuilding my Suzuki Swift GT.
  8. It's been too long BUT I just got my new shifter for the Tremec T56. And am waiting for finances to send to the welder/fabricator
  9. Cool...Yeah I will be delivering the Z to the welder for mounts, exhaust, roll bar (install), and reinforcement. Next month caliper mounts, driveshaft, rack n pinion and finish exhaust...Hopefully
  10. I have some New Forged 351w Blower/Turbo pistons for sale $250 plus shipping and lots of turbochargers.
  11. Just picked up a T56 Magnum and I might pick up a second 240Z 72' for my Jim Wolf Turbo Motor. Things will be slow over the hollidays.
  12. Sure...I'm not as complete as I'd like. But after this next month I will have the welding done hopefully and more answers. I need the rack n pinion setup installed to see if the tires rub anything. I also will probably go with a road racing oil pan (big bucks $350) for more clearance. I am also working on the LSD, CV's and fuel cell. Etc.
  13. Not...The A/C is controlled from left to right. I have two systems one from a 98' Lincoln MK8 (not dual zone) then I noticed that the Ford Expedition had front vents that where more like the Z's (Dual Zone...Left to Right).
  14. Cool...Yes I don't know for sure which path I'll take until I have everything in hand and try doing it. So I too might go the two shafts and joints also. I have to have a lot of welding done before I can remove the motor and trans. I am putting in a dual zone A/C and heater, and ABS???
  15. I am running a 3650 also and I started out modifing the trans crossmember but made a mistake and desided to go with JagsThatRun's crossmenber Part# DAT-106 and here is the link: http://www.jagsthatrun.com/Pages/Parts_DAT200.html. I will pull out the research on the crossmember...The mistake was that I flipped the mounting area when I had it welded. I didn't roll the engine but am for now planning on using a steering piece that came from a Toyota V-6 4X4, Toyota Van, and Mitsubishi (i think is the same) Which will allow you to run the streering rod straight to in front of the motor and ba
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