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  1. In my build, I started with 36mm with the 40DCOE and settled on 32 after working my way down. High compression stroker build (12:1 with e31, electromotive hpx ignition, etc.) - I didn't go with nearly as much cam as OP. I'm also running fairly retarded with 26 degrees all in so I can run on pump gas most of the time and adjust for 104. I found the 32's far more drivable for around town and plenty fun with auto-x. On pump gas I still got decent dyno results as well, 222/220 rwhp/rwtq. If I were down at VIR with it, sure, I'd go bigger. But honestly for around town and entrainment on country ro
  2. Howdy, When I built my motor with triples, I made a vacuum log that connects to 3 runners on the manifold. The brake booster is fed off the back side of the log and the front side of the log has a .063" restrictor that connects to the PCV valve I installed in place of the pipe that exits the block. In between the first and second runner port, I put a t-connector and fed my MAP sensor off that vacuum source for vacuum advance control. There is a post of mine on here that discusses it and TonyD and others chimed in. By feeding it form the log rather than directly off a runner,
  3. Hello all, I'm having a frustrating problem and I wanted to get some opinions. I've searched quite a bit but haven't found anything that either I haven't tried or was relevant. That back story: I have a built 3.1L stroker (not done on the cheap) with E31 head running somewhere north of 11:1 compression. The most runs well with good compression across all cylinders. The head has had a sigfnificant amount of work done. Another piece of infromation is that it has a timesert in sparkplug hole number 3 due to an issue with the head that predates me. I'm running triple webers and Electromotive HPX i
  4. Hey, I've got a R200 (3.54) out of a 280Z. It is just the diff, and don't come with the stub axles (or whatever you call the ones that slide into the diff). I had to use them for my LSD conversion. PM me if interested and we can figure out a price. bajcsi
  5. Actually, I think it's great that such discussion occurred. This thread has been quite informative for me and I hope it helps someone else. I got my MAP sensor wired up, vacuum plumbed and timing reset this evening. I tied into the psuedo-balance tube and added the inline fuel filter per Tony's suggestion. I'm going to be heading out for a test drive once the wife gets home and can watch the boys.
  6. That was my plan but doing random reading on the internet some people had warned not to do it off it because of the brake booster. I may well give it a try regardless... Thanks.
  7. Cool, thanks. I'll take a look at that.
  8. Hi, I'm planning to add a MAP sensor to my current setup; this includes 3.1L + Triple Webers + Electromotive HPX ignition. If you take a look at the attached photos, you'll see how I plumbed PCV and the brake booster. I've read that it's not advisbile to pull vacuum for a MAP sensor directly off the same vacuum line as the booster. My DCOE 40-151's have a vacuum port that I use to balance the carbs using gauges. Would this be a sufficient vacuum source for a 1 bar map sensor? Thanks, Bajcsi
  9. I had this problem... So I cut it down to the right length. REALLY hard metal. My hacksaw blade couldn't do anything to it. A cutoff worked perfect!
  10. I recently picked up a set of seat belts from a guy that had the retractors at the top and mounted in the stock location on the strut tower and one the bolt on the rocker. I have a rear strut bar so I lost the trim piece anyway and used the nice little black box the retractor came in (though it will fit without the cover in the stock location with trim. You can get them from http://www.international-auto.com/ (Charlottesville, VA) as a set. They are most likely made by these guys - http://www.andoauto.com/seat_belts.htm. These are basically what I got (http://www.international-auto.c
  11. Hey guys, So, I just got my car back from having the engine bay painted. As you might have seen in Car Talk on zcar.com, I'm not entirely happy with the work, but it isn't a show car. I'm going to give the guy a call tomorrow and see what we can do. Anyhow, I'd like to get some suggestions. I am going to be using an Electramotive HPX unit for ignition. I'm taking suggestions on where I should mount it. It's a fairly large unit. So far I see where the battery goes, but that would require battery relocation which I'm not really wanting to do. What do you suppose I could do in for making
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