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  1. We have been speaking with BC Racing to create a coilover system for the 280ZX We already have a 1980 ZX to use as template but we wanted to know what are things that customers would be interested in like extreme kit, camber plates and other. We also wanted to know if there's any difference between years or models on the 280ZX. Please let us know if there's any interest so we can make this happen.
  2. I dont charge for shipping at all on these unless your in Canada, Please tell me the name of the shop so I can call them myself.
  3. i ran the harness through the same spot the original ones comes out of.
  4. I did and they look great, there a little taller than the ZG ones.
  5. Love the ITB setup, I was contemplating on going this route. Any noticeable gains with the ITB's
  6. Yes I did, the wiring close to the throttle body was not pinged correctly so it was throwing the whole engine off, I rewired a portion of the harness and everything worked great after.
  7. I will actually be meeting with Kato from Liberty Walk July 5th so we might be working together soon.
  8. Shock Body length: Regular kit Front 230mm body 110mm stroke Rear 290mm body and 140mm stroke Extreme kit: Front 210mm body and 100mm stroke Rear 270mm body and 130mm stroke
  9. 1 to 3 inch drop on the default kit and 2 to 4 inches on the extreme lo kit If you need more low then this I can always put in a custom order to BC.
  10. The extreme drop lowers the vehicle 2 inches more than the regular kit.
  11. Im a vendor for all CX Racing products and I just spoke to them today and they informed me that the actual version they sell now dose not lower the vehicle much at all, there making a revised version to go low but as of now this kit dose not go low.
  12. Im looking for an S30 rear IMSA 3 piece spoiler ASAP. If you have one for sale please pm me with info. Thanks.
  13. I am one of the vendors for FRP products, we will have the price list pretty soon and yes we do have a big container on its way.
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