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  1. Where do I begin? Missed you guys. Missed myself. **** artistic words. Here's the scoop. Videos below. Sorry I have been silent. Tons of videos celbrating the NA L6. The dragon only breathes fire while the dragon boasts health. Here we be. For now. This car will be for sale. I don't know when. Get your serious ears perked up if that's you. Videos demo power and handling below. Not now. I don't know when. Next year probably. I still have dyno aspirations but have learned to not jinx myself. I've been struggling with reinventing myself, midlife crisis, blah blah.
  2. Subscribing to this so I can remember to upload the English .pdf that I have to this thread. Cool gizmo. Agreed with Tony that it will match my alternator bracket perfectly. And evidently Jeff P's as well! LOL. Anyone know where to buy one nowadays?
  3. Glad you liked it. At the time of the video: OEM Driveshaft Datsun R180, OEM carrier and stubs Datsun 4.37 Ring and Pinion, from 1980 Datsun 720 King Cab 4x4 (front R180) Quaife ATB differential Now: Aluminum driveshaft CV stubs (and outers) are American chromoly directly into the Quaife (no adapters). Different CVs now, too. (Ermish Racing 2.0 kit)
  4. Shooting from the hip (experienced but one should always confirm the Weber charts), I think your venturis are too small, and this will give you a ton more air (and power capability). You will likely run best with a 34mm for drivability unless you have a lot of money in your head and it flows really well (36mm if so).
  5. The above thread has a wealth of good information (and misinformation). That said, if you read the whole thing, you will likely feel very confident in what direction you need to go.
  6. For those that aren't big on reading, I'll put this first! I'm not big on social media, so the following invite to this YouTube premiere has not been advertised anywhere online. This thread is the first online announcement. I invite you all to join me in watching my racing film (2017 memoir) this Saturday, July 13, 2019 @ 0930am PST (GST -8) on YouTube. 125++ hours editing (24 minute film). 19+ years of dedication (21 years now in 2019) 3"+ of receipts Seriously-satisfying images and sounds I don't care much if the video goes viral, but I would e
  7. Fat fingered the reply. There are a ton of variables that will play into bogging or regressive performance. If you open up one aspect of a breathing motor, another aspect will become restrictive. Each category of restriction has completely different behavior sets both in and outside the performance envelope. A manufacturer builds a balanced system but only until every other upgrade possible is equally or complementarily upgraded does the system behave like a fully capable and balanced system again. A lopsided system will perform in a lopsided manner, even if an upgrade
  8. I doubt anyone has ever regretted an aggressive cam. I sure haven't. Interesting that I sign on for the first time in too long and see Jon and Ben. Hello! LMAO
  9. Yes I have dynoed exhaust before and after. I don't feel it is apples to apples, though. I have 13:1 compression, .565" lift cam with 324/316 duration (Sunbelts Race Cam #2), and 45mm DCOEs. I have compared 2.5" to 3" with the same cam and block, but the DCOEs were 40mm at the time. My 2.5" exhaust were MSA 6-2-1 headers and non-mandrel bends with lots of wrinkles. My 3" exhaust is from Stahl with 1 5/8" primaries (not 1 3/4"), with header collectors (3 primaries) measuring 2.5" each. I have a 20 degree merge collector that cones these two down t
  10. Bah! My apologies good sir. I burnt myself out trying to keep the car in working order and finishing the racing season. Tell you what... PM me and we can coordinate offline / phone call that way you aren't waiting for my presentation! No one wants that. I haven't forgotten and still plan on at least one dyno session this year with some of the data that I didn't collect last time. Evidently L6 intake data remains high on my list to contribute to the S30 community!
  11. Nice! I've been eyeing those mods. Those are next...
  12. Prior to my velocity stack hacks, I would have advised the 40mm venturis exclusively for drag/road racing (38mm for all else). If you are ok with the coin required to upgrade and possibly partially/fully mod your intake parts (three options), you will not be disappointed by 40mm venturis fitted with 47-49mm ID stacks. I apologize for being vague. (I want to make sure I have my notes in front of me.) My dyno date was rescheduled, not due to my schedule. So it goes. I'm not sure when the reattempt will be. I'm racing almost every weekend until October, so it m
  13. Hi Marcel. I'm not sure I'm following you. I do have custom throttle levers with a set screw. The purpose is to hold position throttle arm angle on the round throttle bar, and not slip. Metal tabs were welded and tapped, and then the arms were custom coated to match OEM Weber. They do not have adjustments for idle. Idle speed is controlled by the carburetor idle speed screws (1 per carb) and the adjusting the lengths of the connecting links between the custom throttle levers and the carburetor throttle. It isn't the best design / best welds. I broke one of
  14. I'm still here and making significant progress with my intake tuning. At present, I can report that all aftermarket horns have outperformed the Weber straight horns, both short and tall. I have further invested in some custom machining solutions, one of which has really paid off (holy crap, I thought the car was singing before!) and is now very happy to quickly change engine speeds up and down with less resonance and gargling, even under 4k. I have another custom machining solution in the works, because well, my last three gut-instincts have been in the right direction and I'm stil
  15. 05.18.2018 Dyno Day Report 630am - 815am I arrive at my road testing location, and continue to prep for my dyno appt at 9am I continue to refine the performance of the short stack webers I achieve a near-constant 13.0 AFR from ~4000-7000 RPM Car is smooth as silk at the top of 4th gear, 120ish? I have known good jet settings for 38mm venturis with long stacks, and 40mm venturis with short and long stacks, and have swapped back to known good settings several time this week. Repeatable. 845am Unload car at
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