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  1. ok i will try that, but to me it looks spotless, just like its always been. I will let you guys know what happens.
  2. hello Hybridz, the other day i was getting the z ready for a car meet, so a thorough cleaning. i got there fine but when i tried to leave the car would barley start and cylinders 4 and 5 would not fire. me and another gentleman cleaned the distributor out and then cylinder 5 started to fire, but still not cylinder 4. it has to be something to do with the distributor "cap" because the wire is barley getting any spark.you can here cylinder 4 rarely fire like it got enough of a charge to ignite. i tried another wire but still not change, oh and if i leave the wire off the spark plug the car seems to run better, not sure why that is. your opinions would be greatly appreciated!
  3. hey guys, so the guy i bought my z from had some ugly body kit on it, the bulky fiberglass one. well i took that off and replaced it with the msa poly one http://i98.photobucket.com/albums/l276/meat164colgs/Z141.jpg . well when i did this it made my front end rise almost a full inch. i dont have money to spend on quality coil overs but i want to try and buy some cheep coils that fit a 280 and slightly cut them. i know this is stupid and un-recommended but it will be temporary its all i can do right now. i will eventually go to ground control.
  4. hey guys, so i have had this problem since the day i bought my 77 280z, and nobody has been able to help me fix it.the problem: when it first started it would sputter and backfire at about 3000 rpm and get worse as i drove it. as time went on the problem got increasingly worse and became kinda undrivable. I found started investigating and found that the fuel pump would pulse and shut off then return "repeat". this would obviously cause the engine to starve for fuel and sputter or stop firing all together. well i bought a brand new "presumably a real walbro 255 fuel pump" and replaced the stock fuel pump with the walbro. the z ran amazing for about a month and a half. then started sputtering, backfiring,dying, just like before. at a glance it seems the fuel pump went out again but i find it hard to believe that it would just burn up and die in a month, although i have ran under a half tank about the entire time its been installed, but i didn't think it mattered much on a external pump. it has to be something electrical,fuel pump, afm, tps,realy, something along those lines. As of now the 280z is litraly un-derivable. it will start and run great for about 3 seconds then starts acting up, i can drive it for about 50 feet then it gets so bad to the point were the pump is barely functioning and cant touch the throttle without it dying, it eventually just dies. im at a loss here guys, this is my baby and would love to drive her on the road once more. help or opinions would be greatly appreciated additional -info: when i turn the key too acc the pump comes on and stays on. "i don't think this is normal" - the afm that is on the car right now might be from a zx, the owner gave me a box of parts and there was a was looks to be a zx n/a afm, i know that some people do the zx afm conversion. i also know that the early 77 280z had a fuel pump cut off switch in the afm's and the later ones did not and it was run from the oil pressure sensor. from what i can see the OPS operates just find and when it is unplugged it does not in anyway effect the pump or running status of the z. - the only thing on the car that i know does not work properly is the temp sensor. but i know that thats the reason its making the car run lean,if that was the issue that doesn't enplane why it ran great with a brand new pump.
  5. FIXED, the injector connector for cylinder 1 and 4 had gone out. all i had to do was replace them. thanks for the help guys. look out for any of my other post down the road.
  6. "update" after i put the new plugs in last night the z started right up and idled, but sounded like yet again it was only running on 4 or 5 cylinders. This morning i drove it to my school shop and we did some testing. after a plug, compression, wire test etc. we came to the conclusion that cylinders 1 and 4 were not firing, and the injectors that belong to those cylinders were stuck open. I only got that far today but i will still continue to update you on this situation. thanks guys.
  7. Hey guys,"update" I finally got around to pulling my plugs today and they are indeed wet and completely chard. I'm replacing them tomorrow. I will let you know how or if it runs.
  8. thank you @tony D, i haven't been able to work on my car because of some personal problems, but as soon as i can i will pull the plugs and see if they are wet, and show you what they look like. As a note i have had the car for about a 1 1/2 and put about 5,000 miles on it and haven't changed the plugs or wires but the guy i bought it from said they were brand knew.
  9. Ok, Today the car wont even start. tried kicking the ecu "no change" and checked it out to see if anything had fallen off but it was fine. i havent checked the plugs or wires but im sure that plugs or wires dont just instantly go bad, unless they were fouled by a instant change of Air ful Ratio but it was running like usual, lean.
  10. I didnt even think about ignition, tomorrow i will get some pictures up of the ignition system, plugs, wires, coil, etc. maybe you can see something that i cant. One more thing, can you post videos on hybridz?
  11. Thank you for the replies, i will try all of the things suggested. and @NewZed the problem is that my fuel pump keeps shutting off and my engine would stop firing for a second so i thought that it would help but i didnt, i will let you guys know tomorrow what the end results are from the trouble shooting.
  12. hey guys, i have a 77 280z and i recently replaced my fuel pressure regulator with a cheap adjustable aftermarket one to see if would fix a other problem "stupid move". this regulator said adjustable but it really wasnt so it was running around 50+ psi.. i never really ran it on that kind of psi but the otherday i had to move it out of my driveway for a second and it seemed to be running normal then all the suddin it started running insanly terible. it seemed to idle ok but when you touched the throttle it would instantly sputter. whell after a while of trying to solve this problem i fell unsuccessful and put it back in the garage. a few days later i try to start it and it will barly start and sounds like its only running on 3-ish cylinders and does not idle. still cant figure it out, a day later i go and try agian and then it fires maybe once for one or two cylinders and dies. im not sure what this problem could be. my best guess is that because of the high psi it has broken or jammed some or all of the injectors. today i replaced the regulator with the stock one and banged on all the injectors to see if they would come un-stuck. i did have some breif success, it started and ran on 3-ish cylinders agian. if you guys have any idea of what this could be please let me know, thank you . sorry for the long ass story.
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