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  1. Brissie, Down Under

  2. Mate, I haven't got anywhere near the expertise a lot of the guys on here have but I thought I'd post because your doing exactly what I have been dreaming of for a few years. I doubt I'll ever really try it because the engineering rules for registering a vehicle are impossibly stringent down here. I had been looking for FWD transmissions based on torque they would tolerate. The best I have found with torque listed are the late model FWD Volvo turbo boxes, V70, S70 HP turbo's from what I can tell generate 300NM. The other box I had found is from Mitsubishi found in what is called a Magna/380 down here, I think it's similar/same as a Diamintina (?). It's a FWD v6 that guys down here have supercharged. Might be the same as in a GTO (?). Don't know if that helps any, but best of luck building it. I love my Z's but I'd sell them all and a kidney for a Miura! Mike
  3. If there are any rust holes around the edge of the roof they are likely hiding much more substantial rot in the underlying rails. My 1971 240z had small 1/4" holes at each corner of the windscreen and a couple along each side above the rain channel. The attached pics show what lies beneath...
  4. My 1979 NA had been idling erratically between 1500rpm and 2000rpm with the idle speed screw all the way in. Are you sure there is no BCDD hanging down under the throttle body, because I've just removed mine and plugged all the holes. It's now idling at a rock steady 800rpm. Note that it is an Australian car and specs may be a bit different.
  5. 1979 280zx 2+2 5sp NA. Picked it up as an abandoned project with engine and gearbox rebuilt, new lowered springs and shocks. Engine was in, but none of the accessories or wiring. Engine goes well, was rebuilt with compression around 10:1 and I'm currently fitting Megasuirt. Gearbox unfortunately is crap,selecting across the H is extremely tricky. Going from 5th to 4th, your as likely as not to end up in 2nd assuming you don't get it stuck. I'll drop it out one of these days. Photo is at the last club motorkhana, can't get the handbrake to lock the rears so a hydraulic handbrake is another thing to add to the list. Going to my first Dirt Sprint this weekend for a bit more fun!
  6. Hi, Other side of the world but had the same thing happen weekend before last, warning lights all came on while on the freeway yet the car continued to run ok. However over the next ten minutes the temp started to rise. When I got home and checked under the bonnet I found the harmonic balancer on the crank pulley had completely delaminated and it's the pulley ring that drives the alternator and water pump. Replaced the crank pulley Saturday and raced it around a motorkhana course Sunday with no more problems. Looking back over the past month I had been experiencing odd charging problems and I'm wondering if the crank pulley has been slipping for a while when at speed, but had been ok at idle. I'm no expert so might be coincidence but probably worth checking out.
  7. It's metric but look here: http://www.zshop.net.au/280tech.htm Tread (front) 1,385mm (1,395 with 6JJ-14 aluminum wheels) Tread (rear) 1,380mm (1390mm with 6JJ-14 aluminum wheels)
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