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  1. Ok, I found some, thanks anyway guys, I ended up just picking up a whole 70 240z for a couple hundred bucks. A mod can close this thread. Thanks
  2. Hey I am looking to for some extra stub axles (25 spline) for an r180 diff. Let me know what you have, I am looking for bolt in axles for the snap in conversion, but I would also take stubs already made for the snap in conversion. Thanks guys
  3. About a year ago, I found a link to a site that sold these stub axles that were cv ends that plugged into a K r180 diff, that allowed you to bolt the U joint half shafts to them, for like $110 bucks a set. These axles allowed you to avoid the whole spider gear replacement. Does anyone else know what I am talking about? Can anyone link me to the the company that sells them. Thanks
  4. if there is a local pull a part you should be able to pick one up for like 60-80 bucks
  5. Ok guys sorry for being a bit nieve, but i went back fro a second time prying tonight, and finally got the shafts out, so no worries, i was just overthinking the entire process. I think they were so difficult because i took everything out and found that the internals looked almost brand new. No wear on the gears at all. the seals looked new, the bearings were smooth. However it never hurts to rebuild while its apart. And to answer your question, a K r180 is an r180 diff out of a 200sx, it has a huge K stamp on top of the case. The case has the same dementions as the regular r180, its just a good, identifiable abbreviation for 200sx r180. It also has cv axles with a clip on the end, instead of a bolt-in stub axle and U joints like the r180's pulled out of Z's. The main reason i have it, is that its a 4.11 gear. That will be replacing my old 3.36, in my 79 s130, with my current 83 tranny.
  6. So ive been looking all over hybridz and the internet, and i keep seeing threads on how to convert the k r180 to run bolt in stubs, but it seems like all of them are skipping a step. Removing the axles from the differential and carrier itself. I happened to pick one up at a local pull a part, and i had to take the diff with the axles in it. Im not sure if theres something i have to do, or if everything is just being tough to get out. Does anyone know anyhting about this? Thanks guys -Tyler-
  7. Thanks dude, i do have some more, unfortunitely a couple years ago, i had a wreck due to a bad master cylinder, then lost my job due to the economy. I have teh body pretty straight again, but not as good as it was. I am still searching around for a driverside front fender with no rust.

  8. any pics on here of you S130? looks nice.

  9. Can i just swap the the whole diff, driveshaft, hubs, and half shafts?
  10. Ok, so ive been looking around, and havent found anyone that has swapped a stock r200 diff out of a s130 with U-joint half shafts, to an s130 r180 car. What does this swap involve? Do the 80 r200 diff cars have U joints instead of CV axle? Also, do the Automatic cars r200's mount to the manual cars driveshaft?
  11. Ouch, that sucks about the stud, i had one shear off a while back but luckily it just sheared off at the cap so i could work it out by hand. Good luck man.
  12. Raise the compression first, or the cam will do nothing but drain your pockets. Find a datsun maxima 810 mn47 head, and put 280zx valves in it, do like a 260 degree cam in it, and it should wake that motor up.
  13. This thread is now closed. A moderator can now delete it if they like.
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