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  1. Here is a picture showing the layout of the original car... If I can find a suitable transmission I want to run this exact layout. Transverse, Mid-engine, RWD. an idea suggested to me was to use the Longitudinal, Front(mid) engine, AWD layout from the skyline, turn it around and use it in my car. It is a proven setup that can hold a lot of power. Unfortunately, its not as easy as that, too many complications for it to be worthwhile. Stemming from that idea is to re-engineer the skyline layout but use more adaptable and readily available parts. Either the rb or v12 could be used with this setup but the engine remains longitudinal, mid/rear, AWD. I would prefer to have the transverse v12 that I started with but I cant find a transmission that works. Packaging and durability issues are the most common problems. I can see why the lamborghini layout is so unique.
  2. So would it be a better idea to keep the rb but substitute in a T56 or like, put a more common and stronger transfer case on it then run a couple of also more common and stronger differentials. I think if grab one of the newer front IRS offset differentials and fab up a new oil pan, or even dry sump to wrap around it I can still use that type of layout but get much stronger and more available parts. Of course at that point I have to start debating if the RB is really the engine I want, if I'm doing all that custom drive train work, why not go back to my original v12 idea.
  3. I've been searching all night and cant find anything so please dont shoot me... I was able to find some chat about this but not exactly what I'm looking for. I'm looking into building up a custom car as a hobby for the next who cares how many years.. The car I'm mimicking is the Lamborghini Miura, mid engine, rwd, one of the first supercars... Anyways, one of my buddys overheard my rant about not being able to find a transverse 6spd transmission that can handle the power of a v12. So he kindly suggested I just take the drive line out of an R34 skyline and spin it around. Problem is, I dont really want to have five to six reverse gears and only one forward. Since you guys know a heck of a lot more about these parts than I do I wanted to ask if its even possible to flip the drive on this? The simplest way would be to flip the ring gear to the other side, inside the diff, but I dont know if there is physically enough room to do that inside the front diff (rear diff in my application). If thats not possible then I can machine a gear set to fit between the transmission and transfer case, but thats a big headache that I'd like to avoid if at all possible. The other issue is the power distribution, is there a way to lock the transfer case into full time AWD? I seem to remember that the skyline is computer controlled. I know this layout has been done in the past, its in the Tommy Kaira ZZII. Which tells me that it is possible, but I have not been able to find any information about how they flipped the drive. Thanks in advance for any information, and please forgive for taking up space with my non-z questions. I want to get a better idea of the issues before I buy the parts.
  4. Looks really good! A bit of touch up and it will be good to go. Painting comes with practice, I've been doing it since I was very young. I'm glad I was able to inspire something during my stay in the Z community. Hopefully I'll be back in a Z soon, but no promises.
  5. I need to have a part made but I dont have the equipment to do it myself so I have been looking for a machine shop that can make it for me. Every local shop that I have contacted replied that they were not interested in making a one off part. Its not big and its not going to make them any money. I guess I cant blame them but I am still left without the part I need. Do you guys know of any shops that would be willing to work with me to get the part made? I have already drawn up CAD files for it and it should be ready to go. If the price is right I am willing to buy a few just to get it done, I can sell the extras. Thanks in advance.
  6. You know, I go to Oshkosh every year for the entire week and I always get home and find that I've missed something! While I did hang out at the Miller display for a while (a friend was working the booth), I totally missed that sweet turbo LS! Who built that setup? I have a nifty idea for something like that..
  7. I have an unhealthy obsession with twin turbos...not sure why. Your setup is amazing! I can only hope to have my car making numbers like that some day.
  8. See I thought you meant TT as in Twin Turbo but it works as Turbo Tom too I guess. I have seen them of course, but those are really nice close up pics! Thanks.
  9. Got some pics of that? I dont think I've seen one before.
  10. Thanks for replying, thought I was talking to the wall for a while.. I did some research and its basically impossible to fit two turbos of decent size on a log manifold. It could happen but theres a few mods and they would have to be smallish turbos. I've essentially given up on this idea because I'll be jumping straight to the EFI. but feel free to develop this if you want.
  11. Every once in a while I have some funky crazy idea about something. Well here is today's random insanity. While looking at a Turbo Tom system I thought, hey why couldnt you run that as a twin turbo system? After some thinking I figured out this design. Its not properly dimensioned which might cause issues, I have no idea if two turbos would fit like this on an L engine. Its also not a flow through head but I wanted to show the intake and exhaust separately to simplify the drawing. The carb would be a four barrel, need to look into size requirements more. Turbos would be small-ish, 3000gt maybe? I read about welding up a log style exhaust manifold using cast steel plumbing parts. I think that would be the best solution here, simple and compact. Intake and exhaust sides of the turbo would be easy, just weld up some pipes. I think the wastegate being centered would work well for flow and there would be a little pocket of space there so it should fit well. Since there is no intercooler that would really simplify the plumbing, just a couple of u-bends and couplers is all it would take. Carb should fit well dead center between the SU manifolds. I'm still not sure about the air cleaner, I dont really like the thought of it sitting so close to the turbos especially with no intercoolers. Maybe a cold air intake would be a good idea. So what do y'all think? I'm I still crazy or could this accutally work? I'm not promising that I'll build it but I'm just wondering if its worth putting more effort into.
  12. Did anything ever come of the 2nd contest? Last I heard it was going to be during winter but thats come and gone so idk.
  13. You wanna see a Ratrod Z, check out my car... I've had this car going on three years now and I'm slowly putting it back together. Everything on this car was begged, borrowed, or bought really really cheap. Most of the parts I've put on arent even for a 240 but they work so thats what I'm using. I hope to have it driving this year, then maybe I can acctually start upgrading.
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