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  1. Before I start to disassemble the carburetor, Can a vacuum leak cause this?
  2. Have a few questions. I have a 260Z with a Holley 390 carburetor with electric choke. I have previously only worked with dellortos and su, so Holley carburetors is new for me. Idle speed is 1500, is this normal? The engine stops below 1500. Found this post just want to have it confirmed if this is correct.My link Do I need to replace the fuel lines/pipes all the way from the tank to the carburetor or does it work with the original size of the fuel lines/pipes? Thanks.
  3. Finally began to get my old car running. have done a lot of electrical wiring. The car has been standing still for 3 years but today I got it running. Had to put a damper/restriction?!? in the exhaust, want to continue to be the "good" neighbor. Sooo amazingly happy, soon it will be on the road again. Is like music to my ears. (high idle i know) My link
  4. Rear Disk Brake Conversion 240sx To be continued
  5. Rear Disk Brake Conversion 240sx Need help with metric bolts. (A.) What type of bolt M10 1:25 pitch? (B.) What type of bolt, length, fully threaded or not, what pitch???. Hope someone knows
  6. Has anyone tried these? From MSA http://www.thezstore...ZS/PROD/23-4170 Edited your thread title. Please describe whats in your thread from now on. thanks - j.
  7. Has anyone tried these? From MSA http://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/PROD/23-4170
  8. New springs front 10mm approximately one and a half inches between the fender and tire finally finished installing all the springs, first and last time I do this Camera phone photos as usual
  9. Has bought the Eibach springs and searched this forum and found this. 6305.202: REAR install right side up so part # 's and Logo are facing up so you-can read it Properly. 6305.001: FRONT Same as above. Is it correct that the spring should be placed like this? larger gap between the coils down? Have got hold of a set Riken rims 15x7 off-set 17mm ... which means that they are very close to the spring. Do use a spacer in the front (5mm). At the rear tire is 10mm from the spring so it works but I will have to have tire 205/15 all around. But the question is whether I should have 205/50/15 or 205/60/15? with Eibach springs? Front Datsun 260z (early)
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