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  1. Joel Send me an email buddy (booztd3 at gmail dot c0m) Thanks
  2. Nothing absurd. My car runs great, Its just an ambition of mine to build one of these motors. If I find one for a good price, then so be i but I won't be breaking the bank on one thats for sure
  3. God no, I've had enough problems with ACT clutches in several Evo's I've worked on to make me stay away for life South Bend Clutch http://www.dxdracingclutches.com/html/skyline.html There's several options but the extreme duty 6-puck is sprung and rated for 800+ ft/lb's of torque (in a skyline weight chassis) Since you have a multi-disc you'd need to find an RB flywheel. The pedal stiffness is not bad at all. I have driven ACT, RPS, etc that are way worse. What trans are you running? I also did this upgrade and it made the pedal feel significantly better. This fork is much less prone to flex with higher clamp load pressure plates..... http://www.zspeedperformance.com/Nissan-90-96-300zx-Heavy-Duty-Clutch-Fork-Upgrade-Kit-cd000kit.htm It says' for 300ZX but it works just fine with my RB25 bell housing.
  4. I made 645 the last time on the dyno, and without knowing exactly what your car weighs I'm going to assume its at least 500, if not more like 700-800# lighter than mine. The feramic extreme duty 6puck will handle 800+ft/lb's. Not to mention for the price of a triple plate or even a twin disc you could buy several of these. I had mine rebuilt this year and I measured it before sending it in and it was right at 1/2 worn spec. The rebuild only cost me $200 bucks. You will not find bad feedback on these guys.......
  5. They were talking about sponsoring me but I never heard anything back. I had originally sent Dan an email with all my car info and he never responded so I'll likely have to find a different source.
  6. There's no need for a triple plate with today's clutch technology. I have been on the same single, 6-puck clutch for almost 4 years now making 700rwhp the entire time in a 3600+ lb car. I have roughly 100 timeslips in an envelope from this time period as well. With the weight of the chassis you have and I'm assuming that T04Z combo isnt making too much more than 700 at the tires. FWIW I'm using a South Bend / DXD Racing clutch - Under 600-700 bucks and customer service has been top notch
  7. Like I said in the private message, post up your settings. It is likely you're just not meeting the criteria the Nitrous control wants in order to turn itself on. To test safely, I always just disconnected the fuel/nitrous lines from the actual solenoids and listened for them to click.
  8. Attended a local dyno day over the weekend - Had to show up the V8 boys! - 1st place with 732rwhp
  9. $3049 includes pistons and rods of their choice. I want to build my own custom setup - I have built several engines in the past, and would like to do so on this one as well. From my understanding an untouched RB30 from raw brokerage is ~1800 I am sure I could figure out something in regards to NZ shipping. I have shipped a lot of stuff across the United States using commercial methods
  10. Guys I've sent out several emails to vendors and no luck so far. RIPS told me they had no spares to sell that didnt belong to a build they were already in the process of doing. I haven't been in the engine hunting game for a while so if anyone has any leads - please let me know!
  11. It was a ton of fun and way more "streetable" than the RB setup. However all that torque resulted in a lot of tirespin for that tiny little car.
  12. You like LS turbo setups huh? I got bored with my Z32 last year so I built this little gem. From the day I pulled it in bone stock to the garage to a dyno chart and completion was 3 months I fabricated the entire turbo system and did the tuning Over 340 pictures of the build here http://s3.photobucket.com/user/Booztd3/library/S13%20LS%20Turbo%20Build?sort=2&page=1 That car was a TON of fun. Sold it to free up some funds earlier this year
  13. Yes sir - just an RB bell housing mated up
  14. I haven't done any parts sales in several years. With as low as part prices are on ebay it is really not worth the effort. Now I just stick to completing peoples projects (something you cant replicate and sell on ebay I only ran an auto for a very short time, which was to aid in helping BDE develop their TH400 adapter kit. At that time, I switched back to the 5sp and have been running that ever since.
  15. And hit me up sometime Stony! Booztd3@gmail.com I saw later last year in one of my posts you were asking if I was still playing around with these things - Absolutely! I am working with a vendor right now to develop an off the shelf 10:1 C/R piston and would really like to build a 10:0 RB30 setup
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