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  1. I woke up sat and it was pouring, I hopped that none of the guys were stuck in it. Hey, We have a spot where we indoor kart in NJ, called http://v-17.com. It's a $20.00 annual fee, then $18.50 per 7-8 laps. They are electric karts that do around 35mph (indoors).They are way better then any farty briggs & stratton, less torque then a 2 stroke, but a real smooth liner power band. Its a real blast. We try to do it as a weekly thing. Check the site for location.
  2. Sorry guys, I have unexpected guests staying over this weekend. Maybe next time.
  3. Welp, It would have to be a Weds or Fri evening Test and Tune night. gates open at 5pm and they usually let you toast around until 10:30pm. If your racing you usually run the 1/4 then circle back online and hang out with your car. It's a pretty fast paced automated thing. If you only want to run the car once or twice you can do that and then just park in the same area and still talk to the guys online racing. I havent been there on a test & tune in a couple years, not sure how packed it gets anymore. Anyone know? More details here http://racewaypark.com/
  4. Sorry dude, I just took it the wrong way, and having coilovers just pisses me off sometimes, but I had no choice with my new weight configuration. Your right over the bridge from me, we should meet up for sure one day.
  5. Ha, its not much to see, literally. There is about 2ft of open space in front of the engine. It basically sits with the cam gears a couple inches behind the centerline of the strut towers. With the placement and the total engine/trans weight of 750lbs (all aluminum) it really feels like a different car. There is very little consequence when snapping the wheel around and also little oversteer when your wheels are spinning. It just feels very balanced in other words. The furthest I've taken the car is about 40 miles I think, and only on roads I know. I plan to take her to Englishtown R
  6. I feel no need to make excuses. My personal preference is to enjoy driving my car locally. Maybe your stink and noise tolerance is higher then mine or maybe you enjoy being launched an inch out of your seat when hitting short elevations at highway speeds?
  7. Hey Clyde, just letting you know i received your invite. For now i'm going to play it by ear. The car has been on its best behavior lately but she does still have 250lb/375lb springs. Shes loud, stinky, obnoxious, and not a nice car to be in for long periods of time. But I will see what sept brings and stay posted. Thanks for the call, and the email.
  8. Ther she is. Nice. Theres nothing better then that first burst of life. Very much liking the tubular control arms. Now the hard part, the body hehe. Talk to ya soon!
  9. HAha, Thats a funny story. Don't forget I have a fuel cell now. My stock tank is gone. My cell has 1 main -6 steel braided vent line. And I have learned if i fill her just about to the top, the vent vomits up about 1/4 gal of fuel onto the ground. This is what worries me about now running into the stock vent system. I really wouldnt want fuel mistakenly running through the vent system. Think i may just leave it alone and deal with the stink. Thanks for your input though!
  10. Pop'n wood, I see. So i guess i will plug up 2 of those vents and use the 1. I see that vent tank thing on the pass rear pillar. Now i just gotta follow where they go into the engine bay. I'm expecting them to just be cut somewhere in there. I guess I need a charcole canister for the vent line to end in? Cant find any diagrams on blackdragon.com. Thanks
  11. FYI, My jegs 10gal only holds around 8 gal cause of the foam baffles, keep this info in mind when buying a cell. I wish I knew, I would have got a 12-15gal instead. (this is a street car).
  12. Yea, i was thinking that was low. I mean my T28 SR20 made 265whp/280lb ft with no tune at 15psi. I would expect more from a RB25. but i'm sure that mainly has alot to do with your crazy richness.
  13. Pop'n wood, Anyway you can help me out? Again, My stock tank is removed and I dont know which vent line is the IN and which is the OUT. Thanks
  14. I dont mean to sound like I am pushing you off but this is a Z forum. I dont know if you will be able to find the exact information you are looking for on here while owning an R30. Any vintage skyline forums out there that can maybe help you better?
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