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  1. will the sportmax's fit on a 89 z?

  2. Hope shes alright Skib. Just remember... Im close by.
  3. I have this in the classifieds aswell. I also have the motor mounts and driveline left over. If there is anything else I can think of I will let you guys know. Here is the picture of the intercooler setup. The only thing different is I painted most of it black to make it more low key.
  4. It came off of a r33 rb25det series 1.
  5. Just letting you guys know I have a rb25 trans, intercooler and piping, and 3" exhaust left over from my car if anyone is interested. Id like to see $1,000 for the trans and any resonable offers on the other items will be accepted. Thanks -Spencer
  6. Mine does You just have to make them want it till they go crazy....then its the best
  7. That would be a pretty fair price. I figure a stock rb26 with the boost turned up a little bit, 3.90- 4.11 rear end and lsd will make a well rounded track/street car. I work on exotics during the day so its kind of hard to go to something a little bit slower at the end of the day. Plus theres nothing better then pulling a f430 in a Z . Well up to atleast 120mph haha.
  8. I do know about the prices for a rb26 motorset I was just wondering if anyone had any experiences buying the motor alone. Not sure if you read my whole post but I just pulled my RB25 out of my Z. I already have the tranny for it so I just want to upgrade to a RB26 for more power in its stock form. I want something realiable on pump gas that I dont have to mess with. Also Ktown z if my post sounds like Im being an a$$ to you I dont mean anything mean about it, just wanted to clarify it. Thank you for the info. Noticed you are makin some power with your 350z, let me know if you have any videos. Id be interested to see what its like.
  9. Alright so I've hit a little bit of snag with the economy and need some advice. Most of you probably don't know but I pulled the rb out of the z. I was planning on selling them seperatly but then decided to stay with it and try and beat the economy right now but it's not helping. I've worked about 30 hours in the past two weeks so something has to go. I really don't want to sell the z so I started thinking about just selling the motor. It would give me a little extra cash for bills and later on I can just upgrade to a rb26 when work picks up. It will take some time prepping the z for paint anyway. Has anyone just bought a rb26 motor complete and for how much? I'm thinking about letting my motor go for $500 bucks. Anyways any advice will help. Thank you
  10. 10 degrees, foot of snow, no heater, and rb powered z. And yes I was driving in it with summer tires. Did not drive well at all. I was going over a pass and had to turn around after I got pulled off the road by snow and went off into a field. Not fun
  11. In my opinion Im getting tired of strait edged cars for the most part. It seems like all the cars these days are designed with a ruler only ( not saying that every car designed now is ugly but its getting old ). Also cant anyone design a car without huge gaps between body panels (fenders to hood, bumpers to hood, etc. ) Ckelly78z made a good point, hemi challenger will most likely be around the same price with a lot more going for it. The challenger is a beautiful car and with a couple small changes you could have something everyone is gonna appreciate ( lower it and get rid of the gotty wheels they put on them and get some meats in the back ) But the challenger aside, I dont like the look of the 370z and not even the GTR. I didnt like it when I first saw the design and I gave it time till I saw it in person. I still didnt like it. Its a very big car ( the GTR ). One of my customers just purchased one and brought it in. Dont get me wrong, the performance numbers and whats its capable of is quite impressive but the looks arent. I guess what Im trying to get at is, Im waiting for nissan to design a sports car that will be a looker, perform well, and stay in a price range that is reasonable for the average car enthusiast. It doesnt take a $320,000 F430 to make a car look good, if that makes sense. Maybe Nissan should start talkin to Pinin Farina? haha. Well anyway, to me sports cars are way to expensive in this economy. These are all my opinions and arent directed to insult anybody.
  12. The Z is up for sale. Comes as a rolling chassis. More info on Craigslist. Here is the link. http://portland.craigslist.org/clc/cto/911275699.html Any more questions shoot me a email.
  13. Maybe she would be willing to give you a "ride"
  14. Yea they are quite nice. I work on them myself. They have the superfast trans in them which shifting is down to 100 milliseconds. Sport mode opens flaps in the exhaust so you can actually hear the car now instead of the standard gran turismo and it also comes with a new powerplant. You outta drive one
  15. I would shoot Clifton a PM. He helped me out choosing my clutch. Tell him your set up and he should be able to help you out. Hes putting down close to 700whp and in the 600's with torque and hes using a single disc clutch still.
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