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  1. I missed the first one so want to jump on this buy, but has anyone machined the Odyssey rotors to 5x114.3? Wondering if the existing holes interfere.
  2. Will these still work for those who went 5-lugs already? If yes, I'm in for a set too.
  3. Thanks for the input guys. I'll update you as things progress.
  4. Hello All, I have an oportunity to pickup another good condition 240Z. I believe it's a 71. The owner says the motor is a performance motor, but she's not sure because it belonged to her EX...I'm not familiar with the L28 so what should I be looking for? Any pointers or suggestions is greatly appreciated.
  5. Maybe I missed it, but what power window and lock kit did you use?
  6. Hi Pat, I've sent you a PM. Just waiting on these to move forward with my project. Let me know either way if you decide to or not.
  7. I'm a bit confused here. This group buy is for the fiberglass panel only, we still need to modify our own skins right? Or is this for a finished product as finished?
  8. Nice Pat, does that mean we can modify my aluminum pan now? If yes, give me your email address so I can send you the pics of the current pan so we can start.
  9. Thanks Pat, I have some pictures of my pans for you but I'm trying to see if I can upload them. One pan is steel and the other is aluminum. When will you be able to work with aluminum?
  10. I've searched but didn't find a definite answer. Did the rb25 ever come in the awd configuration? If so, was the pickup location and awd pan the same as the rb26?
  11. How do the fins on these turbos look to you? Normal or damaged? Any input appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  12. zilvia_gt


    turbine wheel 2
  13. zilvia_gt


    turbine wheel 1
  14. zilvia_gt


    compressor wheel 1
  15. zilvia_gt


    compressor wheel 2
  16. it's so funny that I know where this quote is from!
  17. Yes, I've known prior to this post that Garrett makes the wheels for HKS. As for wonder woman's invisible jet...Just follow wonder woman and you'll eventually RUN into it (because it's invisible)!
  18. Yes, that is the swinging pickup I had planned on using. I just need to call them and get some size specs.
  19. Ok, the topic has been beaten to death, but a lot of the info on the net seemed to have been removed. Yes, I know the hks gt2530 and the garret gt2860-5 are essentially identical with very little differences. And yes, their performance is also almost the same. However, if given the choice between a set of these two turbos, which one would you take (assuming price and condition of the turbos are the same)? The gt2530 are tried and true, but they're older (technology) turbos. The gt2860-5 are relatively new with (possibly) newer technology, but they aren't a "true" bolt-on as the oil lines need to be modified (no biggy). I've done quite some reading on the (performance) comparison of the two, but there seems to be conflicting information from different forums. Given the same engine set-up for a mild rb26dett, the gt2860-r will give a slight better response (earlier spool) but the gt2530 will have more to offer higher up? or is it vise-versa? Has anyone experienced both turbos? I know, I know....the difference is probably so little that it really doesn't matter, but just for argument and technical sakes.
  20. Well here are the pickups I'm looking at. My pan has an enlarged sump (7 qts) and is baffled, so I'm leaning towards the billet pickup, Part No: 200-1074. http://www.440source.com/oilpickups.htm The site says to mount them on the bottom of the pan (I'm assuming with the screen faced down and the "legs" of the pickup resting on the bottom), but I remember reading somewhere that there needs to be at least 1/4" or 1/2" of space between the pickup and the the pan. Any input on this? However, judging from the images, only one side and the front of the pickup has the screen for the oil to go through. Wouldn't it make more sense to mount the non-screen side directly to the bottom of the pan and have screen facing up, that way the oil flow is not constricted? Or would that just create a higher potential for the pickup to suck in air (which is bad)?
  21. Well, my original plan was to weld or tap the aftermarket rb26 nismo oil pump for an -12 AN fitting, tap and plug the original internal hole, and then run a braided line to an external pickup from the back of the pan. I'm still deciding if I want to use a swinging pickup or just a regular stationary one. What do you guys think?
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