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  1. Thanks John!! I must not have hit the enter button when I went to search, I was tired lol.
  2. www.mo-co-so.com I have a TView (T92VGA)9.2" touch screen going into my 280Z with the center vents and heater controls removed it almost perfectly fits the void, I'll have to move the heater controls down some possibly to where the stock radio used to be. It's not as plug & play as a newer car but I think it could be beneficial. I had a Pioneer AVIC-D1 in my old Hyundai Tiburon and I miss the navigation, rearview camera, Sirius/XM radio, etc... Centrafuse seems to be the "standard" as far as front end software/navigation is concerned. If it's something you like look into doing it, it can get pricey quick though. Granted I bought all new parts and pieces and you could possibly do it cheaper with used stuff but I'll be a hair over $1,000 into it when I'm done. With the evolution and abundance of tablets out there a windows based tablet PC "dock" might be easier. I experimented with a wireless broadband card I had with Sprint awhile back (3G speeds) and it allowed me to stream NCAA/NFL/MLB games at 80+ mph on an Acer Aspire 7720-6569 with no problems aside from a few random "hiccups" which I'm thinking may have been when it switched me from tower to tower and the second tower took a split second longer to connect. I really like the idea of it, it's more of a "cool" or "wow" factor than much else unless like has been previously stated you're running MS or something of that nature. I'm going to be running my triple 40DCOE's so it won't be too useful for that, unless I wire in some sensors or something along those lines. Good luck with it, and if you need help message me or get a hold of Chris (Owner of Mobile Computing Solutions) He's been super helpful along the way. His Startup/Shutdown controllers are really what I like for an incar PC.
  3. Ok soooo I've spent the last few days watching the Wangan Midnight manga series. Yes this is where the infamous "Devil Z" came from. In one of the later episodes as Akio Asakura is rebuilding the L28 engine the character who originally built the engine tells him that the secret to the cars power/performance is a crankshaft designed for a 3.0L/3.1L and the rest is basically standard Nissan internals. Now I know this is fantasy/make believe however I was curious about which 3.0L/3.1L inline 6 cylinder engines Nissan had produced. The first one obviously that popped into my head was the RB30 due to my interest in R.I.P.S. and their RB30/26 hybrids. Upon digging a little deeper I stumbled across the H30 engine which was made alongside the L-Series engine (ie: same model years) The H30 is a 3.0 L (2,974 cc) straight-6 version produced from 1965. Bore was 83 mm (3.3 in), and stroke was a long 100 mm (3.9 in), producing a very undersquare design. Output was a low-revving 120 hp (97 kW) and 173 lb·ft (235 Nm). The H30 is basically an H20 with 2 extra cylinders. Applications: 1965 Nissan President H150 1966-1976 Nissan C80 This motor is used in large forklifts The H30 and L24/26/28 share a uniqueness in that just like the L24/26/28 is Nissan's 4 cylinder L20b with 2 extra cylinders the H30 is basically an H20 with two extra cylinders. My question is does anyone have any specs on the crankshaft of the H30? I know the LD28 can be used for a stroker engine, could the H30 crankshaft also be used as a stroker option? I'm obviously not adept on the subject so I rely on the input of those of you who have built numerous engines over the years. Thanks for any input on the subject
  4. Shoot me an offer if interested...I know the price is a bit high, I figure it'd keep it from showing up in people who searched $1,000 max and wanted to waste your time all day long. http://cincinnati.craigslist.org/cto/3039567564.html
  5. While I feel you may be trolling... Check out www.mo-co-so.com Centrafuse is a CarPC Software program that is quite popular.
  6. I have atleast one set of s30 fiberglass fenders and hood I believe still out in the garage. if anyone is interested PM me. May need some work I've not paid much attention to them in a few years.
  7. The guy I'm buying my new to me 1977 810 Wagon from was replacing the intake gasket this weekend so the car would be "up and running" and ready to go when it got here and found the intake itself is cracked. Does anyone know where to source one? I tried car-part.com and had no luck. Would a 280Z/ZX intake work? I have an old set of factory round top SU's I could try bolting up to it if that'd be an option. Really want the wagon just want to make sure I can get it back running.
  8. I'd be interested in pics of this setup if anyone has any
  9. Had a similar thing happen to mine. Punk teenager got mad that I wouldn't sell him cigarettes because he didn't have an ID with him (turns out he was only 15) so he goes outside and literally drop kicks the quarter panel of my 280Z. Luckily for him he didn't end up in the hospital that day. However it's now in the courts hands.
  10. TY unfortunately that one has already sold There was a pretty nice looking one in Tampa, FL I was looking at getting and while arranging shipping/transport the guy sold it for $400 less than I had offered him...such is my luck.
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