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  1. Checked the rules and read front to back have also sent a request for clarification from the local club. As far as I can see efi is legal on all Gt2 cars regardless of original equipment as listed on page gts-257 as long as you don't use a plenum or connecting pipe and stay to limited bore size 50mm in this case If so i need a good reliable fuel injection system with dis so as above any ideas would be greatly appreciated Cheers Don
  2. I bought the car finished well complete anyway have spent a year and a half trying to make it more competitive more hours than I would want to think about . the fellow who built it originally changed it as he progressed through the different classes ending in Gt2. I guess the only option is to sell it and start over. Thanks Don
  3. O.K. well that sucks...... just checked the rules again and are a little confused I thought they removed the fuel injection restriction for the old 280z's as of 2007 ....but now I see it's still there. Damn , I spent all summer planning this motor. wow sell your car and buy a newwer one or you can't play with the big boy's. well... back to the drawing board... still must go faster, must go faster, much faster.......
  4. Changing to fuel injection and dis reading all the posts regarding different after market injection systems doesn't seem to be a fool proof easy tune reliable system. any ideas and or opinions here would be a help. This is a full race engine in a SCCA GT2 based on the 1976 280z car looking for around 300 +/- hp and good responce in and out of the corners. Cheers Don
  5. Had the same prob last season blew out three different times, raised the octane redused the advance replaced the head bolts with arp stud kit no more prob....
  6. O.K. I'm convinced out comes the n/a in goes the turbo means I'll have to change class to unlimited GTU but man that set up sounds sweet hope it performs like it sounds. that tensioner is solid? or controlled by oil pressure ? nice solution to the problem!!
  7. Thanks everyone I had a gear machined and an insert made now I just have to machine the cam tower a little but should work:icon54:
  8. Thanks , but that looks like the stock three spot gear I Need a full adjustable I'll keep loooking
  9. I have been looking for custom ajustable cam gear for my l28 anyone found one. I'm tring to make my own based on the datrats version seen on there site but the gear is to hard to machine according to the machinist's I've talked to:cuss: . the engine is really tight and I need to fine tune the cam timing help!!!
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