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  1. Yeah, just check out their street rod set up. Will put the alternator in the truck position.
  2. You need more than just the pedals. You need to bolt them to the firewall. On a Z there is a box bolted into the firewall that mounts all the pedals and brake parts. So one way to do it is take everything apart and bolt in the pedal box from the manual trans car. It's a bit of work.
  3. Attaching the motor to the car that far in front of the motor's center of gravity will also put increased static weight on the transmission mount.
  4. As long as nothing is melted starter solenoids are rebuildable. Just open it up, clean out all the copper dust and file down the connections.
  5. The site I linked posts all their flow numbers. They have numbers for their LS6 packages also. Plus Trick flow, AFR, and eventually L92 heads. All I know is I have a dyno book where they took an LS2 motor (which have the LS6 heads), sent the heads to TEA and added a cam to get 572 HP. People on LS1tech.com talk highly of them too.
  6. most of my seam sealer just pealed up. Especially in the rusty areas. If the seam sealer is still really well attached and you don't have any rust issues, then you might was well POR over it. If you do remove it, then make sure to reapply new sealer. By the way, putting dry ice on the tar for a minute or two then smacking it with a hammer is a lot easier than using a chisle. I got dry ice from the local Safeway grocery store.
  7. This place has an excellent reputation for porting LS heads. Beware of the first gen SBC head porter who turns his experience to LS heads. Mike Kelly was disappointed when he had his LS heads worked.
  8. This is another excellent source of 5 and 6 speed tranny info http://www.5speedtransmissions.com/ The GM version of the TKO trans has both electronic and mechanical speedo outputs and will bolt up anywhere a muncie trans did. Torque rating is higher than the LS/LT T56 variants and almost as high as the $3200 Viper T56, yet is only $2000. You do lose a gear and many people complain about the shift feel.
  9. This book has a number of good dyno combos exploring various upgrades to LSx motors. For $20 it is good entertainment
  10. The whole pedal box unbolts from the firewall. To be complete you will also need a rubber shifter boot and the leather cover.
  11. Z car stub axles are friction welded together.
  12. How do you know the tires weren't like that when the PO put them on the car? This isn't the space shuttle. Just fix what you know needs fixing and take it from there.
  13. As long as you are talking Tacoma, get a 4x4 chassis, jack that bad boy up a foot or so and put on some 35's Now that would be a ride.
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