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  1. Lookin good man. I might suggest that you switch over to distilled water. Depending on your location, you will have some hard minerals in your tap water. If that water has any chance of seeping into the pores of the paint, it can and will etch the paint. At this stage, without any wax on the vehicle, introducing any unknown substance is a bit too risky. Just my opinion... What you've done so far does look very nice.
  2. Hey Josh. If it's the first weekend in June, forget about it, or reschedule. http://www.texasscottishfestival.com/
  3. My mom has a Mazda3. She has dents EVERYWHERE on it. Kind of disheartening, cause they're pretty cool cars. I don't think you'll have much luck getting your repairs paid for. Had you noticed it prior to leaving the wash, you may have better chances, but there's been a few days since then, there's no telling where the damage came from (in their eyes.)
  4. I bought some 14mil latex gloves the other day. I've been using them pretty regularly now. I kinda like it. The only down fall is that when it's hot they sweat... BAD.
  5. Holy moly. Beautiful car and wonderful pictures.
  6. I know a few people who have ordered from here http://shox.com/ They seem to have the best price on Tokico springs with Tokico HP struts - around 350$ if memory serves. There's also a vendor on here with several different brands available. Check the vendor's section.
  7. The positive attitude is awesome - I commend you! My mom, her husband, and my brother got laid off earlier in the year. It's been tough for them. My brother found a job two weeks ago, and started this week, my mom has had four interviews with a company, and that looks promising. And her husband is going back to school. Everything happens for a reason, and a positive attitude can turn any crummy experience into a good one.
  8. I actually really like MRE's. Of course not having spent a tour in the dessert with nothing BUT MRE's is probably why. My brother use to bring them home all the time when he was in the Army. MMmmmmm
  9. That only works if you don't have a constantly roaming IP. I always wondered why I would see ads for places thousands of miles away until I asked my network guy.
  10. Do you ever work on friend's cars? They can be a pretty decent word of mouth marketing tool - provided they're of similar mind-set to you. I started helping my friends fix and modify their cars when they first started driving. First thing I ever did was install a sub-woofer in the back of my friend's Acura. I was 16 at the time and he paid me pretty well for that. That's turned into a phone call anytime something is wrong with his or his family's cars over the last several years. I have at least two other friends with similar situations. They've even recommended people to me for some cheap side labor. I can't tell you how many brake jobs I've done for friends of friends. Just a thought. Also, if you ever do any work outside of your dad's shop, I'd recommend having some kind of liability insurance - especially if you're working with safety equipment like brakes and suspension. I assume that if you work at his shop, he's got you covered - but you may want to ask.
  11. That's one way to put it. My wife came out and couldn't figure out exactly why I was beating the crap out of my motor with a big sledge hammer.
  12. Sticky from the L6 forum (the one you're in.) It's at the very top. I'd recommend reading it. http://forums.hybridz.org/showthread.php?t=129066 It will answer most of your questions.
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