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  1. My recently completed Cal Z project. Got the last unmolested original run kit from Sandy Cook 5 years back.
  2. This was exactly what I was getting at. I was less worried once the car is on and the system is fully pressurized (I shouldnt expect too much of a drop, if any, when parked...right?) I was unsure about any play due to slack in the hose that might affect how well the FPR can modulate the pressure. I also did not figure that the 2lb difference between the recommended 38psi and the FPR's lowest 40psi setting would cause a problem, but again the additional slack was my concern. Thanks all for your help. I will report back any ill outcomes.
  3. Hello All, As you can see on the attached picture, I am in the process of cleaning up my engine bay and I have a question regarding the fuel rail and FPR plumbing. I am using the Aeromotive 13109 FPR and I know that I need O-rings and a plug for the extra inlet. My question is in regards to the length of hose after the fuel rail, but before the FPR. Will this be an issue (or enough of an issue to warrant relocating the FPR)? Any help, advice or feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Here is where I am at now...had to do some creative metalwork (fiberglass to come next) to get the front airdam to follow the lines of the car. Sandy is Jim's widow...nice woman, still in the business with a new name: Sebring Tuning. http://www.sebringtuning.com/new/main.html. I bought the last complete kit off of her a year or so ago, but she does have some odds and ends left, not to mention other z products collecting some dust in her warehouse in Orange.
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