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  1. Depends on how you drive it... the 5 speed will bolt up, but if you have a fully built engine like what your talking. Any type of hard driving would blow it in no time... look into the z32 300zx trans swap or the ka24 trans swap those are the two strongest setups... 300zx setup being stronger than the ka.
  2. Looks good dude! Where did you get the shroud ported?
  3. Is that Avatar your car and if not can you tell me who's it is? I, like probably everyone who owns a z car, would like to start the bodywork tomorrow if I can replicate that. Thanks for the help. Tom

  4. Your thinking of the vender forum... buy/sell/trade is for anyone just selling buying or trading random things.
  5. Hahaha yeah. Theres this guy that goes to my school. He has a completely stock v8 lt1 camaro. He put a cold air intake and NOS on it. I guess he thought NOS is the best thing around and the only upgrade you should get? For some reason I get the feeling hes gonna blow something up...
  6. With an l24? I mean you could... But you can only do so much with an l24. youll probably get like 175 whp... But with an l28 on the other hand... more potential. If you want alot of power go with the l28et, turbo motor. There is a guy by the name of timz on this forum that managed to get 607 Whp out of his l28et...
  7. Tight... What was with the guy with the black 350z... did he say his car had 420 lbs. of horsepower on the dyno?
  8. Well you could get some z therapy SU carbs to go on the l24. I would recommend trying to get ahold of an l28 though...
  9. christmas tree? Looks good from far away but when you get up close shes ugly as...
  10. Or try to produce something that has already been made, cheaper with the same quality or better quality with the same price... eh? Ive been looking at getting a 260z/280z carbon fiber taillight panel for some time now but from all the bad feedback from paulo, which currently is the only one producing this item, I am VERY hesitant. If you can produce a quality taillight panel for the 260/280z and sell it for the same price you would probably have buyers, or maybe for cheaper with excellent quality. You just have to act willing and put yourself out there if you want this to happen.
  11. The one in the pink has bigger boobs. But In my opinion the one in the white has better legs, perkier boobs and a prettier face(from far away, but she might be a christmas tree). The one in the white looks like she works out. The one in the pink looks more "natural". I guess its what you perfer... I would say the white but that doesnt mean I wouldn't do the one in the pink.
  12. I saw the car today, there is more progress. The side skirts are now installed and blended.
  13. A small truck?! Lol! :lmao:In person it looks nothing like a small truck... I will post more pictures as it finishes up. The hatch was open when the picture was taken. I havent decided on a spoiler yet because I'm not sure of the "sturdyness or quality" of certain ones. I have a whaletail but for some reason I get the feeling that it will crack over time.
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