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  1. if you make some mounts pm me when u do as im deciding on which motor to use in a '70
  2. am i blind but do you have an adapter for nissan rb to a us domestic manual trans? id be interested in a t5 or t56 thanks chris.
  3. awesome now i know how to refer to it vs that black box
  4. if i had the cash id hop on it
  5. -apexi power fc and commander -hks fcon vpro -greddy emanage ^ for rb/sr swaps most likely -turbo xs has oneuses a gameboy to display - cobb accessport ^ subie stuff -apexi safc/vafc -hks gcc ^piggyback styles -fuel air spark technology F.A.S.T. used to call it speed pro -nemesis -big stuff -accel dfi -weber/redline has one same one my buddy uses at www.sandcandymotorsports.com ^ full standalones
  6. i think jps trading on ebay should have em and commander for under a g gl on this
  7. sweet car man i drooled over it at work not to long ago as a coworked picked up the mag and i had to explain to him why the car was bad ass lol actually what made me look back into this project lol hopefully when my project is going itll look half as nice as yours congrats on the feature and thanks for the motivation
  8. same as this one? http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/JUN-Oil-Pump-Drive-Collar-RB26DETT-R32-Skyline-GT-R_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ6778QQihZ019QQitemZ8038732471
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