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  1. Are these diffs still available? What is the price?
  2. Good morning Tim. I have attached a couple pics to show u my 280z. Since these pics were taken I have painted it firemist orange
  3. Hi Tim, than x for the response. What would you need to get for your frame? Dan
  4. Nice work man. I have a 78 280z with a sbc 355 and have long dreamed of doing what you have done. I too would be very interested in the specifics of your frame construction,, Dan
  5. Hello all. I removed all the cold start pieces from my intake today. When I started it up it ran like **** and would only idle and run pretty good if I had the plug open between the AFM and the TB. As soon as I would put my finger over the hole it would not even idle. I hooked the thermal time switch, started it up and it ran like **** with the plug open between the AFM and TB, so I plugged it and it straightened right out and ran beautifully. What did I do wrong on this? Thanx Dan
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