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  2. I just uploaded those yesterday to avoid having to click through Photobucket. It's sad they went the way they did.
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  4. It's easier to weld on the subframe. If you look at my pictures, I had to pocket out the subframe to clear all the lines. I wouldn't suggest modifying the rack to fit the subframe, but fit the subframe around the rack. I used compression fittings on the lines to put them in front of the subframe because the Subaru lines would not clear the subframe. If you are not wanting to modify your subframe, you can find an extra and modify that one. The rack can be completely disassembled. I replaced all the seals in mine when I put it back together. Now that my rack is custom, this is what I will do Everytime it gets leaky.
  5. The only reason I took it apart it the center plate bearing for the secondary shaft lost its cage. It's was making one helluva racket, think cheap skate bearings but much louder. The syncros were in great shape and still shift great. I think these transmissions stay in good shape is this one came out of an RB25DE R33. So the likely hood of abuse is low. Now it went into a drift car after that and did get considerable abuse for a couple months. I measure all the syncros before putting it together, so they have a lot of life left.
  6. I really don't find the ratio to be any issue with my rack. Granted I don't autocross or race it, just spirited mountain driving. The car is easily driven one handed with the way it is now. With the amount of fabrication required to get the hydraulic lines to clear, the square or round mount is really moot. I would probably prefer the square mount because it has no way to rotate in the subframe. I am sure it could be mitigated on the round mount. One thing I have to do the next time the engine comes out is to recenter the rack and widen the upper mount so it doesn't let the rack shift from side to side.
  7. This way it matches up with the exploded view in the FSM. That way I didn't forget anything.
  8. I have not. I have a lot of other things going on. The DBW is a side project that I will be working on over the next year or so. My first step in making the throttle body adapter to get the newer VQ/VK style throttle mounted to the intake, which is designed for the Q45 90mm throttle body. Then I have to add in all the wires needed for it, which require a complete tear down of the harness. Another thing most don't think about is having to mount an additional brake pedal sensor and a clutch sensor so the ECU can cut throttle when those are applied. I have all the supplies, just don't have the time
  9. I am embarking on this journey. I decided to go with the 350z throttle pedal because it mounts to a vertical firewall with a metal bracket and the pedal sensor it detachable, so if it breaks, it easy to replace. I have an RB25, so I am just going to fabricate an adapter plate for a VK45 throttle body, it's about 75mm. I also run an Elite 2500. It's currently in the car running on a cable throttle. I will keep everyone updated.
  10. If you are in the US, the 300zx will be your parts source. The Skyline diff and axles are similar in the aspect as they are used with the T3 kit. The axles might be a different length, but that will be changed. The diff exterior would be the same, but the gearing is different on the 300zx, but that would be better for our roads anyway. I used all 300zx stuff with my T3 setup, well except the hubs. I used S13 hubs to retain 4 lug.
  11. I am in the Springs. Trying to meet other Colorado classic Z owners.
  12. He was the last motorcycle to go, fastest qualifying. He was moving when he went by us. The driver's had been complaining about the too being like a ribbon. I suspect it's from the heavy construction vehicles. They are rebuilding the visitor center at the top. I had a lot of fun but it was a long day. To get a good spectator spot, you have to show up on the mountain at 2:00am. We didn't get off the mountain till about 7:00pm. Anyways, here is some Z car content. Upgrade my tails to new JDM lights. They are new blem units. All bulbs function as intended minus the small center parking lights. I now have all LEDs in them.
  13. Thanks man! Pikes peak really isn't 23 minutes away. Takes me about 25 minutes to get to the toll booth and then 45 minutes to drive up. I have tickets to the Hill climb at the end if the month. Great driving roads around here though
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