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  1. Called Tilton today. Detailed my setup and intended use then discussed various options. Heard it enough now that it's starting to sink in that metallic plate clutches like 5.5" and 7.5" are binary. Jeff at Tilton tried to steer me to the ST-246 but that is around 40lbs with flywheel so didn't feel in hit the sweet spot. He went on to say they have a 8.5" kit in development with beta kits arriving around February 2021. It's basically a scaled down version of the ST-246 offered with organic and cerametallic disc options with a total weight of 25lbs. That sounds like could be a winner for my application using the cerametallic discs.
  2. Going to stay away from the metallic discs for sure. Tilton has a 7.5" clutch with cerametallic discs designed for some slip and I suppose other manufactures have similar friction material designed for applications requiring more heat tolerance. Correction, it's "stand type" clutch not "step type".
  3. I have some experience with setting up a hydraulic throwout bearing, installed a Tilton 6000 series on a Centerforce clutch in my Mustang. Not hard, just detailed measurements need to be taken.
  4. In the situation of never driven a car with a race clutch so trying to access if the drawbacks of light clutch are enough of a concern to ditch the idea. EFI tuning and throwing belts are issues that have solutions. Want to go into this race clutch eyes wide open knowing what I am signing on for... This will not be a "grocery getter" by any means. It will see street driving to and from track/autocross events and spirited canyon runs. I think a button clutch is a "step type" and a "strap type" is the more conventional design I am most familiar with where the outer pressure plate housing is connected to the friction plate by straps. I have read on forums that the strap type is a form of torque management, would like to learn more about that...
  5. Working on limited knowledge a while back I purchased a Fidanza LS3 style recessed aluminum flywheel with the intention of running a LS7 pressure plate, disc and hydraulic throwout bearing. Not so certain I want to go this route anymore. The LS7 clutch/flywheel is 57lbs! Jeese, that thing could get a tow truck rolling... The LS7 flywheel is 26.5lbs and Fidanza is 13lbs so this nets a 13.5lbs reduction giving the Fidanza flywheel LS7 clutch a still porky 43.5lbs. Our S30 chassis cars with LS swaps are weighing in at between 2500-3000 lbs which really does not require a large mass flywheel/clutch package with large moment of inertia. Seeing guys with racing flywheel/clutch weights ranging from 15-35lbs used in LSX motors around the web. Now there are step type clutches and strap type. Can anyone help me better understand the differences between these and how "drivability" suffers as one moves toward small diameter racing clutches?
  6. Yeah, a nice piece of gravel free pavement and I'd be very tempted to throw it sides ways once an a while! I am not that accomplished as a driver but plan to expand my abilities in all ways...
  7. Coming together nicely. How did you plumb the e-brake and rear brake calipers? More specifically, what's that lever on the rear bulkhead and is this designed for drifting?
  8. Congrats on a nice build and thanks for sharing.
  9. Newer computers like the 2008 LS3 Corvette unit I have has the engine ECU and DBW ECU on the same board. Most aftermarket ECU now allow for DBW
  10. I suggest using the DBW pedal and computer. Cleaner install and OEM proven technology.
  11. Yes, the transverse mount brackets are the two flat 3.5" wide brackets to attach the rear transverse mount to the frame. I have not tested the transverse mount metal with punch or any other method so not sure if it is made of the same hard steel as the brackets.
  12. I butchered up a pair of transverse link mounts at an attempt to design some cross bracing. Did not go well as expected so have a replacement set on the way. While employing my "hack skills" noticed that Datsun used some hard alloy. Anyone know what type of steel Datsun used and recommended/required welding and rod that should be used?
  13. Haven't had the time to read through all the numerous posts on different forums. Grannyknot has a Vue/Equinox swap and he has posted his favorable experience with high performance driving setting. Maybe he can chime in with more detail on his experience with the Vue swap Agreed. Now for a few more dollars hoping to have a great system.
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