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  1. Thanks NewZed I will try to compare both FSMs better. Seattlejester after doing some research I found that the crank angle sensor that is located on the crank for the 81 motor will work should work just fine with the 82 harness and ecu. If you want to go down to lakewood (I live in seattle but my car is in lakewood) this sunday and help out, I could give you a ride + free beer, no pressure or anything. I really appreciate all the input
  2. Thanks NewZed for the reply the diagram you gave me is useful. Do you/or anyone know whether or not the connector I am looking at goes to the ignition switch?
  3. Ok, So I need some help with wiring. I am swaping a 1981 l28et into a 1976 280z I recently just found out that the wiring harness and ECU that I have is from an 1982; after checking the serial # on the computer and noticing that the wiring harness did not have a hook up for the dropping resistors. I have been having difficulty understanding the wiring diagrams for both the 1981/2 harness and the 1976 harness. I have been using the Bumble Z ( wiring torutrial as a reference but I am still confused. Most of what I have figured out is quite simple: the injectors, CAS, other sensors, but thats about it. Problems 1. The Coil and Ignitor This is my original coil. What can I remove from this harness what should I keep? This is my "new" coil I do not have the part of the harness that plugs into it but I have firgured out a way to make a plug for it I just need to know what goes to what. The pins on the ignitor are shaped like a T (a Black w/ whit wire and a Blue wire run to the ignitor from the coil) I cant figure what I should wire to this But I am pretty sure it has to do with the computers spark control. 2. Fuseable Links I have both fuseable links right now for the old engine and the "new" In this picture I have them mounted next to each other. I understand from the Bumble Z tutorial the only wires I need are the green a brown wire on the "new" harness. I am a little uneasy about removing or cutting any of the wires that lead to the existing fusable links. (Do I need this to run my lights or fuel pump?) 3. Ignition Harness This was pluged into what I belive is the ignition harness of the "new" ECU and the back end of this plug should somehow run to the ignitor/coil. In the bumble z tutorial he had a 6 prong plug, his one has 8. 4. Switched Power In the tutorial there are a lot of things that need to be run to switched power what should I use? I think I have firgured out that the black w/ white wire that runs to the coil should be switched power but im not really sure. I will really apreciate some input please dont tell me to search more, maybe at least point me in the right direction. I live in the Seattle area but my car is in lakewood (hour south of seattle). If there are any wiring gurus that can help me I would more than greatfull. Also I am a college student at Seattle University studying photography. i am willing to trade som automotive photography services for help with the wirring. Side Note: I am really losing morale I already have had one of the turbo engines I was working on stolen that I bought for $1000, wich is a lot of money to a college student. Thanks for all the help!!!
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