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  1. Hi, I'm having a 280z 77 2+2 and I'm wondering if the door lock are diffrent, because they don't look like what they sell on Ebay, mine didn't have a hole and a plastic attachment to put on a spindle. Mine don't work I need new one and can't find what I have. If anyone can help would be very appreciate ! Thanks
  2. This sound right, keep in mind that this is a prototype, I didn't think at this first, i designed my inner bar with my old bushing without thinking about rotation of them, but the mod is not that complicated i guess, i just need to replace my rubber bushing by steel sleeve witch i could weld it on like JMotensen said if I understand. But my control arm isnt bad as such. I think it would be strong enough and then, I would only have pivot by the heim ends, thats sound logic isn't ?. Thanks for your advice
  3. Cool i'll bought those for sure ! I'll update my pics just for information.
  4. Thanks for this advice ! Are these retaining washers going each side of the rod end ball ?
  5. Wowe... it's sad to see all my text disappear so fast, just because i put a price in my thread. I now have to study all the rules and replace my add because of one person. I understand your confusion, maybe the rubber bushing will pivot too much but they could be replace by metal sleeve on nylon ? would it be better ? Did you still see my post guys because I dont ?...
  6. Cool thanks good reference, Mmm I saw your project on racing mtl since a while but i dont remember if I post something.
  7. I'm interested by swapping my diff to, I would realy like to upgrade for an R32 LSD diff but I don't know what it's involved, I have the longnose right now. If I understand well, i can't keep my axle because they don't having the same spline pattern ? so what could I do to make this work ? Thanks
  8. Is it possible to have some of these picture you just posted in this topic, they are not avaible anymore,i know it's been a damnt while
  9. I do the rb swap too, did you mean i will not beat able to put a rack ? I have 200zr oil pan to my rb26, mckiney mount ?
  10. I think if you are resourcefull you could almost fit any powesteering on it just making sure the pump you will use dont overload the pressure of the gear box. Lots of electric column still be a good way but its expensive. Any forester power steering rack could fit with few mods but i dont know wich pump we should use
  11. Thanks, but the only problem is that for me it's very difficult to get theses parts cause i'm in Canada, and I did'nt event know whats the difference between your currency and mine ahahah , and Opel/vauxhall dosen't exit in my contry !
  12. 900ss your Z is damn clean !! wish mine look like this at the end at least the interior ! Thanks for your comments guys, electronic column seems to be the easy way to do the transition but it's very expensive. How did the opel electric power column cost and where did u find it ?
  13. OH ! This look interesting, pretty wise, I guess the module is going behind the firewall ( engine bay ) ? Do any company is selling universal fit ? And did you use the original steering colomn and add this in the middle ?? Very interesting thanks a lot.
  14. Hi, i want to put a power steering on my 280z before put my rb26 in it, did someone know what is the more reliable way to make this conversion ?? i heard about 90' mustang ? subaru forester ? or maybe swap the zx power steering ? please i want the truth with picture if possible ! Thanks a lot
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