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  1. blackwidow

    1971 240z rb25det build thread

    If you are referring to the 20 psi quoted earlier, it should raise to what's needed when it has the pressure regulator in line.
  2. Hey guys I just got a '97 Ford Expedition XLT AWD/4x4. It has 217,000 on the od and a dent on lower passenger side. Power everything, cloth interior, cruise, cd player. A/c and heater work great and has hook ups for third row sating but I don't have the bench for the third row. Has a tow hitch on the rear, the model for electric brakes, and seems to sit higher than a normal explorer. It's basically a good work What I am looking for is a 240z in original orange with a clean body very minimal rust. Will do trades plus cash or trades and you give me some cash depending on condition of your Z. Just hit me up with what you got. I am in lower Alabama and don't mind traveling. Have clean and clear title in hand. You can hit me up on here, my e-mail widomkr94t@yahoo.com, or text/call me at 334-596-6699...... Thanks
  3. blackwidow

    1985 300zx turbo $1900

    Car has sold. Please delete. Thanks
  4. Hello there, I have a 1989 Supra with a Chevy 350 motor with a th400 automatic transmission installed. The car is in great condition and runs excellently. The 350 is a TBI motor with clean oil and custom intake system. The transmission is a TH400 auto with a bump shifter, but the original clutch setup is still in the car if you wish to switch back to an manual tranny. The radiator is an aftermarket 3 row aluminum unit. I have had no problems with the car over heating with this installed. The interior is in excellent condition with the exception of the dash is cracked. The car was painted blue at some point and had the moldings removed and the filler is starting to show so it needs a little work on the outside. Has a custom exhaust that comes out the back through a flowmaster exhaust. The exhaust was professionally done and makes the car sound great. There are a couple things that don't work like the speedo, a/c and heater. The speedo needs and adapter linkage and the A/C needs a compressor and custom lines. The heater can be made to work no problem with a outlet on the water pump. The car has a nice pioneer CD player in it that works perfectly. Overall the car is in great shape and all the hard work has already been done with the motor swap, and it runs and drives great. I would like $3500 or trade possibly. Throw me some offers. If you would like to set up a time to look at the car or have any other questions you can contact me through the e-mail on here, or you can call or message me at 1-334-5 nine 6-six 6 nine 9 Thanks
  5. blackwidow

    1985 300zx turbo $1900

    Pics are up. I took the seat covers I was using off so you could see what I was talking about with the seat. Everything on the car is pretty much unmolested from its origin in 1985, besides the regular maintenance. Any questions call the number above. Thanks
  6. blackwidow

    1985 300zx turbo $1900

    Hey everybody I have a 1985 300zx Turbo with 140,000 miles for sale. Car has power everything, including seats and mirrors that all work fine. Also has A/C and heater that work perfectly. The car is in decent condition, with only one spot of rust on the whole car top and bottom,and would make a great daily as it runs and drives the way it should and has brand new tires on it. The car had the tires put on two months ago and I have been gone for a month and a half, so the tires have two weeks of driving on them. Still has original paint from 1985 so it needs a refresh. The interior is the brown and tan turbo interior. The front drivers seat needs reupholstering, the t-top covers need replaced, and the carpet could use a good cleaning. There are no cracks in the dash or bezels. Still has the factory radio, but doesn't work. Have a after-market radio that will go with the car if buyer wants it. The speedo doesn't work < needs cable> so it says 120,000 but it has somewhere around 140,000. And one of the power steering hoses are leaking. Maintenance done- Diff was gone through and inspected about 6 months ago Timing and drive belts were replaced and fluids were flushed at the 100,000 mile mark Brand new Fuzion HRI tires put on. New slave cylinder put on about 4 months ago. Car could use a little work, but it's a great car for the asking price of $1900. I tried to disclose what I know about the car, but if you have any questions please feel free to call or message anytime. Title with bill of sale in hand. Car is in Dothan, Al and my number is 1-334-596-6699. Pics coming tomorrow.
  7. blackwidow

    Back up on diagnosis

    Very aware the tranny is gonna have to come out rodger, but I am not sure when I would be able to get to it and was hoping to have the parts ready when I took it out so I could get it on the lift and back down the same day. Was just looking for some back-up since it's been a while since I have had to diagnose anything really. I stoped being a mechanic years ago in search of cleaner/greener pastures if you will. At any rate thanks for the replys and suggestions.
  8. blackwidow

    Back up on diagnosis

    Ok I just wanted some quick back-up. I just bought a 85 300zx turbo. The guy told me that it won't shift while the car is running, and that if you do grind it into gear that it will konk out. Basically like the clutch will not disengage properly. So first things in my head are slave/master cylinder, or clutch. So I get under the car and the slave cylinder seems to be moving the fork the proper distance, plus when I shine a flashlight in the hole where the fork is I can see it moving and depressing the pressure plate tongs/springs. There is also what looks to be fiberglass shavings in there( which I'm guessing is from a worn out clutch) Now then I'm kinda just asking can a clutch wear out so bad that it won't disengage? Or is there anything that will cause this in the tranny? So here is the rundown Will shift when car is off. Won't shift when car is running. Hydraulic's all seem to be working fine. Clutch fork moves freely and presses down on pressure plate. I just don't want to buy clutch parts ahead of time only to not need them. Thanks
  9. Everything has been sold. Thanks guys This thread can be deleted.
  10. blackwidow

    240z 280z

    Have you seen mine? Will need a little work, but would make a great daily. http://forums.hybridz.org/index.php/topic/96591-alabama-1977-280z-needs-work-tons-of-extra-parts-1750/
  11. blackwidow

    Unused ZG Flares $95 + shipping

    The flares are sold, thanks everyone. more stuff coming soon.
  12. blackwidow

    Unused ZG Flares $95 + shipping

    The flares are pending sale at the moment. If it falls through then I will notify the next in line. Thanks
  13. blackwidow

    Unused ZG Flares $95 + shipping

    I have a pm from someone but it wasn't you rb26. If they fall through you are next in line. Sorry
  14. blackwidow

    Unused ZG Flares $95 + shipping

    Like it says I have a full set of unused ZG flares for sale. $95 + shipping