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  1. Your build is the only reason why I even come back to the forums. Great work man! I love the details you take things and hopefully if you ever decide to sell the car, I just hope I have the funds to be the lucky buyer. :D
  2. Reminds me of the 991 RSR front. Would chop off lower rear quarter panel to give a more fluid design.
  3. I'm in need of all of them in good condition, no broken tabs and in black, please. Shipped to Toronto, Canada. PM me your price, thanks! Will update this thread as I slowly pick them up.
  4. @rturbo 930 No idea lol. We're thinking its the T3 suspension that help load things off a bit. But yeah, full tank, all fluids in, and I still have sound deadening at the front (Trunk was cleaned up). @seattlejester Didn't think much into it. Just grabbed the doors as soon as I was told about the ridiculous cost to paint the car. @Neverdone They definitely came up to mind. It's due to safety but a customer can still order the doors in carbon if they wish. Carbon was just the route to go to, funny enough, to save money lol.
  5. So the official weight of the car is 2231lbs. 99lb weight reduction from all the carbon. I’ll get to my goal of 1000kg from the lightweight brackets, bumper and battery!
  6. @EF Ian The original plan was to do slate grey like on the older 911s to flow with the carbon but I knew overtime with the amount of sun exposure it's going to get that the carbon is going to fade over time. So I just decided to go with the blue then later down the line, when its time, paint the rest of the car blue. I also used to have another blue 280z and they just look sooooo goooood in blue ahah @Arif Yeah impact was definitely a thought in mind. A cage is being tossed in the brainstorm bubble but I also have another idea in mind that may or may not work. I've never seen anybody do it yet so I'll be making a future post about it soon on my experience. Don't want to say anything JUST yet because it's gonna get a lot of criticism because it's a pretty new idea.
  7. @Arif Very nice! I've only seen your car through retro-specs pics. Was very jelly that you got yours first before me ahaha. It used to have a sunroof but then I just had the a roof made of CF instead of just plugging it with a metal sheet and risk warpage. I'll make another video soon of better detail. @EF Ian Naw, if it's not actual carbon, I don't want to fake it. Saw some guys on youtube who did carbon quarters. Thinking of driving down to them and possibly ask them if they're willing to do mine heheh. But that's probably not until phase 2 of the car.
  8. Thank you! Unfortunately, I won't be making it for the swap meet It's being sent off for floors, frames, and seat brackets in a couple weeks. @EF Ian Oh no way! I actually had no idea. I guess that's on my next order! I was playing with the idea of getting the CF ones then having them wrapped in chrome but it's still nowhere near as having real chrome.
  9. Started off as just a nice street cruiser then it was time to paint the car since rusted started to form. Got quoted $12,000...... it was literally cheaper to buy carbon replacement panels and just have the main shell painted lol. I was on the fence for lightweight bumpers but I really don’t like that look. I really preferred the classic chrome bumper look. I never thought of replacing those front bumper brackets to aluminum actually. Maybe the shop could makeshift me one! The doors themselves are for a 78. I was so worried about Restored.jp getting it wrong because they didn’t technically receive a 280z in Japan. Luckily it was a perfect fit.
  10. Their car isn't seeing the road anyway so side impact from another vehicle is highly unlikely. Especially in time attack. I'm currently building a carbon Z with cf doors and that was my first thought. Instant death if I were to get T-boned lol.
  11. Just wanted to share my Z now that it's finally back from the body shop! Meant to say 4 months for most of my front end instead of 6. Just camera shy and stuttered. Didn't realize it till editing ahaha. The car will be weighed very soon and we estimate about 200-225lbs removed including the stripping of the interior. What else are you guys doing to your Z's to shed weight? This car has more carbon than Rocky Autos Z that was featured on Speedhunters some years back. And I haven't even ordered my dash yet!
  12. That’s Kaidohouse (Instagram name). Same guy I’m referring to in the original post.
  13. The setup of the V3 itself is the same throughout the entire line. It’s just now there’s fitment for our S30’s. You can find reviews on them from C63’s to M3’s to etc. I’m super hyped about these because I’ve been eyeing a set of V3’s for my 63. I was looking for information like release dates and price.
  14. I know SEMA is right around the corner and I see Kaidohouse S30 posting about the new KW V3 for our Z’s. If anyone has info please post here as I’d love to upgrade from my BC Coils for more track adjustability.
  15. Those eBay ones look a little shady. I bought OMP Classics and gonna have them reupholstered. Don't be fooled by the name, you can still buy them brand new http://www.ompamerica.com/product_info.php/cPath/3_55_107/products_id/178
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