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  1. i have rally art Mitsubishi racing seats i used the stock brackets and bolted to a plate wich bolted to my seat
  2. i wonder if anyone has ordered something from lighningmotorsports.com i saw this clutch and its cheaper here than anywere else. Is it legit? Exedy Racing - Stage 2 Cerametallic Clutch Kit - Lightning Motorsports - Made with bits of real lightning, so you know it's good !
  3. Do you know what rims they are? And the kamei air dams are I'm gessing realy rare?
  4. Male


    Were are both of you located?
  5. Ok thanks for the info and il consider that and they were the stock springs right?
  6. So you can't find the front lip anymore? And did the cut springs give you any problems?
  7. What coilover sleeves did you use and were did you get them?
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