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  1. Auto meter gauges are good. Take a look at this for ideas. http://www.zcar.com/forum/10-70-83-tech-discussion-forum/273254-aftermarket-gauges-82-280zx.html#/forumsite/20721/topics/273254
  2. You will more than likely need a larger radiator to cool the 302, also a custom drive shaft will have to be made. If you are going a with a carburetor there is no need for computer, pro comp makes a cheap two wire distributor, all you need is a coil and hot wire. It is easiest to perchase a one wire distrubutor, there are several ford styles floating around ebay. when I did a 302 swap in my 240 I left the stock springs, the engine is around 100 pound heavier then the L28 for me it made very little difference to the suspension. Probably one of the trickiest things to get right is the clutch setup, you will need a larger master cylinder, I went with a will wood pul style slave. I am now running a hydraulic throw out. There are a few other small details that would need worked out, gauges and what not. Good luck on the build I had lots of fun with mine
  3. I need to take some time and organize the photos into a time line. I was going to shorten the rear end but couldn't find a shop that could do it locally. I also would have had to shorten the front which would not have been something I wanted to do. I purchased a set of IMSA bubble flares for the rear and complete front fenders with flares for the front.
  4. This project was started a few years back, it began with the original L24 due to my lack of maintenance i seized the engine not once but twice. i then upgraded to an L28 block and added a 5 speed trans, this setup lasted for a while but it turn out this old engine burnt more oil than i added and soon had the same fate as the previous. i was hanging out at a local shop and was given the opportunity to purchase a 1987 302 with t5 trans for $400, i couldn't pass this up so i bought it and began the swap. it was set up with an edelbrock 650 carb, hydraulic throw out and open 200 from a 280 2+2. i drove this setup for around half a year. i had several issues with the clutch system, after taking a 600 mile trip to Florida the clutch was due for a change and the willwood slave cylinder was leaking and could no longer hold fluid. i then used this opportunity to make a few modifications, and so it began. the original idea was to keep the suspension all the same and build a 331 stroker, this changed after a while. i began to toss up the idea of doing a full frame car as apposed to a uni body. after thinking of how much weight i would add i decided to build a custom front end and do a sub frame connector. i cut the old front end off at the fire wall, build a frame and added a mustang 2 IFS, disc brake, rack and pinion steering. i built the engine with 347 stroker kit, forged internals, 520 lift cam, TFS 170cc twisted wedge heads coller rocker 1.7 ratio and an 800 CFM holley carb. i stayed with the t5, and am now in the process of adding Gforce gears and short throw shifter kit. i ditched the open 200 and whent with a ford 8.8 with 4.10 locker, coilovers and ten factory axle shafts. 285/50/15 tires for the rear and iron wheels, front are 235 with iron wheels. i was going to shorten the 8.8 but went with a wide body kit. made some custom chorvette style tail lights and did some other body mods.
  5. Did some final cutting the the car, cut out and patched the rear bumper mounts. Also had a chance to set up the new tail lights.
  6. Built the rear end last night, set it up with 4.10 gears. Chrome cover, new bearings and seals, ten factory axle shafts. Still need to install disc brakes for the rear, Mach it in place an take measurements for the custom backspaced wheels.
  7. Tires are from a ford ranger, only using them to have the car off the ground . The front roll bars are parallel to the pillers. I shot a video of the engine running, it has a pretty bad exhaust leak at the header flange. But sounds good at high rpm
  8. Its been a while but i have some updates on the build. Engine is now running, broke it in last week, Holley 800 double pumper, 2.5" exhaust x pipe to two glass pack mufflers. its is quite loud but sounds good. radiator is for a 95 mustang, mounted at an agle to fit, hose roughting was a bit tricky, had to use some stainless steel pipe with 90 degree bends to rought houses. Engine has march pulley setup, had some trouble with the waterpump pulley because i have the new stylle timing cover and water pump, ended up having to make a custom spacer. Made some custom fender flairs extends the wheel tub around 3".
  9. i am using 275/60/15 in the front, there is a good bit of room with the proper backspacing. Im using the mustang ifs, and diff because there cheap and good components I have been estimated with my current setup to be right around 500hp, after all this is complete i plan on boosting it but that is a while off. I wanted to build something different than everyone else, i also built it as sort of a rolling resume as i would like to get into custom builds or a speed shops
  10. Took some time off work and really buckled down to get some work done on the z. Finished all the fab work on the engine bay, full welded everything and did most of the finish grinding. I had a chance to flip the car and finish all the welding on the undercarriage, also did some final patch work on the rocker panels. The roll cage is complete aside from some small welding still left to do. The 347 is now built and mounted in the car to mach up the motor mounts. Everything is starting to come together quite nicely, still a bit more fab work, then comes the fun part of sanding for countless hours.
  11. what are you looking to get for all parts? im around an hour away from woodstock, so that would work out great
  12. Im looking for both right and left finders, headlight buckets and hood.
  13. From the beginning of this build i have been doing a lot of research on whats piratical and what works, at this point the pivit hood and finders are not what i think is good for this build. i have decided to have bolt on finders, and have the hood open from the front as opposed to how it was before. As of now i have most of the parts for the engine 347 stroker kit, scat cam, forged aluminum pistons 9.6.1 compression trickflow twisted wedge 170cc aluminum heads TFS hydraulic roller cam 291 duration 510 lift with factor rocker arm ratio SBF roller lifters, 1.7 ratio aluminum roller rockers Holley 700CF Double pump carburetor Its a slow process at the moment but i hope to have the car rolling and engine built by june
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