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  1. BleachZee

    Sign in if you own an s130!

    That is not free. Trading labor for a car is just that, trading. If the guy owed your dad nothing and then gave the car away it would be considered free.
  2. BleachZee

    outer mirrors at 280zx 2+2?

    Uppon further investigation, I see some European models had different mirrors. Are these what you think were correct for your car?
  3. Yes someone has done that. I remember a member of Zdriver did the Z31 swap on a non-turbo 280ZX and got it running.
  4. BleachZee

    Sign in if you own an s130!

    http://www.bleachgarage.com/images/event/canby10/ Picture 35, 36, 37 are of this car. Its really clean on the outside. The price was not listed on the sign. I think if this car was a factory turbo then it would justify the asking price.
  5. BleachZee

    outer mirrors at 280zx 2+2?

    The plastic power mirror is the OEM type. Even if your 280ZX had no power mirror, the mirror housing will look the same. You can leave it as it is and adjust it by hand or hook up the power controls later if you find the switches from a 280ZX.
  6. BleachZee

    Oil Pressure sending unit

    They will screw into the block just fine. The signal they send it meant to work with the appropriate oil pressure gauge. so I'm saying those non-turbo senders will show a slightly different reading on your gauge. If you want it accurate, run the non-turbo gauges. (you lose the oil temp)
  7. BleachZee

    TURBO swap wireing

    I started with a 1982 NA and dropped in an L28et so I hope this is the same... The dash wiring is basically left by itself. Your starter should crank independantly of the ECU being in the car or not. If it is powered while cranking then your fuel injection works. The wires that power the coil are your key spot to splice a couple wires into the harness for the fuel injection near the turbo ECU. Over by the battery your main power wires comming from inside the fender are the same on the non-turbo and turbo. Cut those main wires and splice them into your turbo harness. This gives everything power as it should with ignition. The one clip on the left with the crimp connectors is the only part that was different. I matched the colored wires to the NA setup and that leaves one white wire going from the FI harness to nowhere. it did not seem to affect the engine. The NA power and ground wires at the coil you hook up to power and ground on your turbo coil. Pull the turbo transistor out of the turbo car's coil wiring harness and it looks like this. Then run that wire through the fender alongside the factory NA power and ground. It splices into the lower left yellow wire in this pic (coincides with the picture on your schematic) The "dash" harness that was already in place puts power to the coil, then the transistor thing sends a RPM signal to the ECU. Good enough! The other wires I did not need to connect. I think that is all you need to know. I did this swap 4 years ago.... its been a while
  8. BleachZee

    Oil Pressure sending unit

    I've found that the Nissan brand sender units will send out a slightly different signal on the non-turbo vs the turbo unit. I used a turbo sender (engine swap) with my non-turbo 280ZX gauges and the gauge reads funny. I switched it back to the non-turbo sender and it read like it should. You may find different results with various aftermarket senders.
  9. BleachZee

    280zx hubs?

    yeah, $50 should have gotten you the entire strut with brakes! poo'
  10. BleachZee

    280zx RHD 2+2 for sale in PA !!!! $1200

    I just took a look at craigslist for some of the PA cities... lots of overpriced 280ZXs over there. I even see a couple 1973 280ZXs! wow, really rare since they didn't come out until 1979.
  11. BleachZee

    280zx hubs?

    Not totally sure, but I think the 1981-84 Nissan Maxima is the same hub. Their brake rotors and calipers look the same but are just ever so slightly smaller. What is "top dollar" for a Z-car part? A pair of full front 280ZX struts with brakes only goes for about $100 these days and only that high because 510 guys want them. I can get hubs from a local yard for maybe $14 each...
  12. BleachZee

    Hard Line! What does it go too?

    It does not look like anything I've seen on a Z or ZX manifold. Where does the line trace to in the other direction?
  13. BleachZee

    crazy over the top body work on a z

    well, I check for the personalized plate and it is not available so someone has at least been buying tabs every year.
  14. BleachZee

    Check out this crazy 280ZX

    But this thread has pictures! Its hard to believe that people will actually be willing to pay over $13,000 for that car.