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  1. Thanks for the article, My original installation involved using the welded adapter plates with the 300zx turbo axles. And I’ve run into the binding issues. I came across the ZXT set off a parts car and thought I would give that a shot. The seal issue is what I’ve been researching.
  2. I have a set of 280zx turbo cv axles and companion flanges. I had read somewhere that they would interchange with a 78 280z with the r200 diff. Can you share any information on this. Appreciate any advice.
  3. I have a set of cv axles and companion flanges from a 83ZXT. Looking for information on compatibility. I’ve read threads about the 240 issues. Please pass on any advice possible. Thanks in advance.
  4. 1978 280z with stock suspension other than sway bar upgrade. Considering Eibach lowering springs. Bumpers have been removed lightening the car front and rear. This will be sport/street driven only for now. I’ve read many threads on the forum but most are 10yrs old or older. A lot of equipment as you know has evolved since. Way too many options out there. Looking for any advice possible before I start throwing money away and re-selling wheels an tires I can’t use. Not opposed to upgrades necessary to get the proper stance for my Z. Right now it looks like it’s an suv. Appreciate any advice you can give! Thanks john
  5. ZDOC, can you pass along that Timken p/n? Much appreciated!
  6. Just did mine. It has to be from a 280z to work. Extremely tight under the dash but it can be done.
  7. I see that you have had extensive experience with the various heads and the performance factor on each individual design. I’m looking to upgrade the N47 head on my 78 280z. I’m in the early stages of putting together a build for a replacement engine for the future. Presently I’ve acquired a P79, and P90A head. Other than the round versus square ports what would be your advice on which head to use. Pros and Cons. If you have a moment I’d really appreciate your opinion. Thanks... John
  8. Looking for a MN47 head. Let me know if you have one for sale or trade. Thanks
  9. I’ll check my parts car and see if they are still there.
  10. Did you ever locate the rear seat/seat rail for your car?
  11. Hey Zach, I have the exact same issue you have other than my shocks are factory. Still working on the restoration and haven’t driven the car. I agree something isnt right. During the install it was pushing the tripod caps off the axles. Silvermine said they use the same brand cv axle. 1984 300zx turbo correct? Did you find a solution? Thanks...John
  12. Has anyone tried this? I bought the 15/16 MC for the Toyota big brake upgrade. My booster is trashed. Want to upgrade to the larger ZX booster.
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