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  1. gravityflyer


    Looking for a MegaSquirt setup for my '77 280z. Would prefer a complete setup including wiring harness. Thanks!
  2. gravityflyer

    280z carpet kit

    Definitely interested. Where did you original purchase from or who is the manufacturer?
  3. gravityflyer

    76 280Z Part Out everything must go!

    I'd take the reverse light switch off tranny and the check valve off brake booster if available? Also, are the fusable links still in decent condition?
  4. Hi all, So I'm currently in the process of switching my '77 280z to carbureted with the AZC manifold. It's my first project and pleased to say that everything is coming along quite nicely. I'm now ready to begin wiring everything but wondering if it's possible to simply use a 240z harness? I'm deleting the AC so don't require any of those wires, and I've obviously eliminated the need for FI cables as well. Thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! If it's possible to simply use a 240 harness it'd also allow me to clean up the engine bay too!
  5. gravityflyer

    1977 Wiring diagram... come and get it!

    I'll just chime and and say ditto -- thank you for these! I've spent countless hours staring at this diagram and it's been probably the most invaluable resource in my build. Thank you!
  6. gravityflyer

    280Z wire ID issues

    Gotcha! Okay, so hook the distributor wires to the mini-junction? I assume the wires then run from the mini-junction to the transistor ignition unit? Thanks again!
  7. gravityflyer

    280Z wire ID issues

    Hi all! Got a couple rookie questions for you... I'm reinstalling the original wiring harness on my '77 280Z and need some help ID'ing a couple items. (1) There are red and green wires running off the distributor. On a wiring diagram it seems to suggest that these wires run all the way to the passenger firewall and connect to the transistor ignition unit, however, I don't believe this is physically possible given the length of wire. Any thoughts on where it may connect to? (2) Perhaps related, albeit a separate question, what is this mini junction with red and green wires connected to it? Located on the driver side. As always, thank you!
  8. gravityflyer

    GravityFlyer's '77 280Z V8

    Before/during/after dashboard resto. Took a couple of weeks of trail and error, but happy with the results. I could certainly spend *much more* time on the dash but considering I only have 1 day a week to work on the car I think it'll suffice for now!
  9. gravityflyer

    280z AC Parts

    Hi all! Looking for two parts related to the AC system... (1) The AC line that enters firewall and into evaporator. (I believe this is the line that ultimately connects to the receiver/dryer). (2) AC pressure switch. (I believe it connects to the side of the receiver/dryer?) Thank you!
  10. gravityflyer

    77 280z fuel level sensor

    These guys completely rebuilt the sending unit for my '77 280z. http://tristarrradiator.com Family run business, super quick turnaround. Not surprisingly, he said he does lots of Datsun rebuilds and seemed to indicate that he could build brand new ones as well. I'd suggest touching base with him and see what option he has available.
  11. gravityflyer

    Coolant Line ID Help

    Sounds good! I'll give it a try this week!
  12. gravityflyer

    Coolant Line ID Help

    Thanks SRRTz! So plug #1 and substitute a straight fitting for #2? If so, that's what I planned on doing but NPT threading (1/4" for #1 and 1/2" for #2) doesn't quite work. In other words, I'm only able to turn each maybe one or two rotations before the threading stops it from going in any further. On the other hand, maybe one or two rotations is sufficient if I use some Teflon tape on the treads?
  13. gravityflyer

    Coolant Line ID Help

    Thanks ritrebor! - #2, the larger inlet to left of circle receives the heater hose from the firewall. I'm just not sure about the smaller connector circled in red which I assume is the "external bypass" in diagram? - #3, sounds like I'll just leave the rubber caps on that came with the radiator since I have manual tranny. Thanks again!
  14. gravityflyer

    Coolant Line ID Help

    Hi all, I hope this is the right subthread for my question. I've been referencing this diagram pulled from another thread, but I still need some help identifying the following items... (1) What does this outlet connect to from water outlet housing? I'm assuming it connects to the intake manifold, but since I removed the original manifold and installed the AZC manifold what should I now do with this outlet? Do I plug it? (2) What does this outlet connect to from water inlet? If it's the "external bypass" that connects to the outlet housing, I assume there should be a place on the outlet housing to which it should actually connected (I can't remember if there is a place for it)? If it does indeed connect to outlet housing, what connector should I use? (3) I just bought a new radiator but it comes with two outlets at the bottom. What do these connect to? Thank you!