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  1. Looks like at A/T indicator lamp if it's connected to that portion of the harness.
  2. @Jcurtis - saw this on eBay - not sure if this is what you need. Not my ad. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1973-Datsun-240Z-dash-harness-24013-N3321-and-N3322/114285270354?hash=item1a9beed552:g:JroAAOSwZM9e~I3K
  3. Another round of updates - Revision "N" has just been posted. https://www.classiczcars.com/forums/topic/11727-77-280z-color-wiring-diagram/
  4. Trying to de-junk. I never got to give you the full tour as I was messing around with my (former) daily driver. @jhm I'll give the OP two weeks to respond - if you want them to re-sell, come and get em!
  5. I don't have that piece, but will offer the knowledge of UP TO 1995 Pathfinder / D21 pickup trucks used nearly identical AC grommet blank-off and pass-through bulkhead grommets. The heater grommet you are looking for LOOKED similar, but it also crumbled upon attempt to remove it, whereas the AC grommet must have used a different compound. In the picture below, the top grommet was removed from a 1995 Pathfinder. The middle blank-off grommet was removed from a 1993 D21 pickup The bottom grommet is stock to the Z.
  6. Here is a set pulled from my non-weather proof back porch. Condition is unknown, best use for parts only. Dirt & dust included at no charge. Will ship full gauge / tach for shipping costs from zip code 23462
  7. Something I saw today that wasn't there in January, was after selecting the checkbox "I am not a robot" was a series of pictures to match with a brief description. Again, I had to use Internet Explorer...
  8. I have experienced the same. I used Firefox, currently up to date. V58.0 It appears to be a browser related issue. I was able to leave feedback (and see feedback) using IE 11.0.9600.........
  9. I was able to find the contacts here in the CONUS from https://www.digikey.com/ 7-10 AWG 962932-1 10-11 AWG 962930-1 11-13 AWG 962928-1 All the above part numbers are available at a minimum quantity of one, just make sure you select 'Cut tape' rather than 'Tape and reel' Hope this helps others in updating the vulnerable fusible links.
  10. Had to dig and find my old hard drive from the old PC (3 PC's ago). Dang, I did this all in late 2007. I was able to locate the contacts from TGS Onlineshop (Europe) http://shop.t-g-s.de/ , and POSSIBLY from http://www.eagleday.com/ (Eagleday changed the part numbers of the actual part, so being able to compare all the data was an educated guesstimate, but I never ordered those terminals from them, other stuff, but not the subject terminals.), but I was able to salvage sufficient lengths of wire from the donor car(s) by isolating the wires inside the cabin, as the harness enters behind t
  11. Updates have been made to the original diagram, click on the link above to follow the changes made. Those who wish to just download the latest version, click here. http://www.classiczcars.com/topic/11727-color-wiring-diagram-for-280z/?p=454677
  12. I did not find an appropriate forum for this posting. FYI for all those who have a Pick and Pull brand junkyard in their area. For those who don't, and wish to make a trek or have parts pulled for them, this would be for you as well. I did a search here for "row52" and didn't see any results. Check out http://row52.com/ You can search nationwide for a specific vehicle in participating junkyards. VIN's listed as well as pictures as the vehicle is stationed in the yard. I've had better results logging in rather than attempting to search anonymously, FWIW
  13. Thanks for the alternative options. FWIW - the control unit in post #9 is fully electronic AND fits in the original bezel location.
  14. My apoligies in my delayed response. As far as the DCC units, I believe someone has started a seperate thread on the functionality of those. The Maxima control panel mentioned earlier FITS. I'm not saying it WORKS, but that is due to my delay in additional research. I did not achive success on the Altima system, basically due to the conflict with the transmission tunnel. The Mazda RX7 (87) control panel also FITS, however, you really gotta love the hot orange symbols on that, also, it is completely electrical. No cable operation for vents, temp or recirc. Only saying that if someone els
  15. Just curious - which year 280 harness / internals are you using? If I recall correctly, the 75 - 76 gauges have the same font style as the 240, the process you are going through might be a bit less painful if you use those years. Also, I recall the 75 had an amp gauge while the 76 had a volt gauge. With that said, I'm not saying that you could skip the changes to the mounting configuration.
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