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  1. Anybody? or know where i can get one? Thanks
  2. I been using the stock ones from a vetre with an ls1. They have an angle to the boot that clips on the spark plug. They dont hit the headers.
  3. Looking for a level sensor for my 77 280z. Located in california. chipo280z@gmail.com
  4. That nrg steering wheel looks sharp i really like it. What kind of adapter you need for those nrg?
  5. need to buy those two parts. I live in the inland empire so if i can save money on shipping i would rather do it locally, but let me know. They have to be in good working condition. I have a few parts from a 70 240z that i am willing to trade like the center console cover with the switches, air box for round top sus.
  6. Bottom dollar on the engine

  7. hey i have a 81 l28et engine running on my car at the moment. i live in the inland empire just let me know if you wanna check it out. thanks
  8. like the title says i want some lowering springs, air flow meter for a 81 280zx, pallet fuel rail, and a n47 intake manifold for my setup. Thanks let me know
  9. i have a 71 240z its a project car, but let me know if you wanna see it. I live in banning
  10. i need an ignitor too but i saw you said the 300zx would work. how so it only has 3 wire connector
  11. that garage with the porsche was on carcraft magazine a few weeks ago... very nice indeed
  12. bad ass car man... love the front of the car too.
  13. bad ass car man... love the front of the car two.
  14. do you guys know if the front ones are the same knurl as the rear ones??? becuase i measure my front ones on my 2+2 and they were 13.00 mm. I'm just asking because i dont want to put the wrong ones in there.
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