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  1. Some people are just asses,, and thanks for the info.. wow, good thing we have a forum for help!!
  2. Who has used speed hut gauges, What sizes and what did you have to do to make them fit Pics would be great Thanks in advance Mark
  3. Actually I would run the stock ones, but don't know what to buy. I guess the LS3 was a 2008 I will check with parts places
  4. All, Just dropped a stock LS3 into my 71 240. What starters and part numbers are you running, and what alternators and part numbers are you running. I don't need a high torque starter, stock will work and really don't need a high out put alternator, but will consider high output and higher torque. Thanks in advance, mark
  5. All,, I have a Q45 rear end for my LS3 upgrade, looking for a finned diff cover, what covers will fit this unit? Thanks in advance Mark
  6. Mine is a 71 240 should be good to 72
  7. Z240,, that's what I was looking for,, thanks!!
  8. Hi Jeffer949,, no, they are round like grommets, but a clear rubber,
  9. Has anyone replaced the rubber pieces on the window track They are semi clear round pieces everyone I have seen are torn What can be used to replace them I know they are not available anymore Mark
  10. All, Doing an LS3 upgrade, what gauges are you all running. Can you please tell me: I will be replacing all the gauges. *Make *Model *Sise for the gauges *Where you got them Thanks in advance, Mark
  11. Sorry about that guys,, long long day, Yes, I would like a cover where the fins arfe not damaged for a Q45, I believe the R200 will fit also. Mark
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