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  1. In some ways it's good and bad the rockers are solid doors the whole outside all the way around is good but the floor pan is toast from what I can tell. the battery tray I think is good but it does have some pretty big dents on the tail where their garage fell on it in a tornado. The vin is hls30140021 I think it's one of the first 73s can someone tell me
  2. Picked this up yesterday saved it from being scrap. I don't know much about it haven't had a chance to clean it up and look over it much. guy says it was running when they parked it the tag says 96 haha. I don't know what I'm going to do with it yet parts, sell, keep, idk. What do y'all think
  3. Now if you install the motor with a roll of duct tape and some wood screws, I think someone might want to have a word with you. Heck yea that's my kinda build! Headed to Wal-Mart to get the camo kind now!
  4. The hate wouldn't be from the swap it would be about the way I go about the swap ie not spending any money for upgrading supporting mods like brakes. It would be very basic just to putt around in when I'm done
  5. I may be taking the plunge on this new coyote motor thing. A guy has a wrecked 2011 mustang with a good engine and wants to buy just my 2012 body so he's buying/trading with me and we're keeping drivetrains so i'll have a complete coyote setup with no home. and being the generous person i am i would be willing to shelter this in my 240z. This is not all set in stone yet because i also have a 66 mustang coupe i could put it in but it is a pretty big project and i don't think i want to tackle this just now so we'll see. i cant remember were i got my number so it could of just been
  6. I would check the condition of the switchs and harness on your column including your horn switch. Have you tried replicating the fault at different steering wheel positions while wiggling it. Taking the switches apart and cleaning them isn't too difficult. That would be a good place to start.
  7. Well if your anything like me you should get 3 cars one all stock a tweener and full out custom. i like the benifits of each one all stock it's a fun antique car to take to carshows and have a sunday drive. a tweener beause z's are very capable cars with simple upgrades will satisfy anyones lust for spirited driving. and a full out custom cause you can haha. i'm working on my inbetween car now. once i buy a house and settle down i'll start my custom. This probably didnt help much but you should start by seeing in which of these categorys you fall in and start from there.
  8. More rust porn for you rustophiles. these hole in the rear section of the floor pan was the worst part of the whole car. my rear end is finally all put back together it was suppose to be a 2 week job some things happened here and there and what you know a year later. this is with gas tank installed Does anybody have a set of swaybar busings for an aftermarket rear sway bar i think its 7/8, i lost mine plrease forgive me ive had theses bars for like 5yrs in a box i'm bound to lose something. Powder coated halfshafts good idea, powder coated flan
  9. Here are some images of my rear gas cap idea this will be my second one like this my first one had round light this one will use the factory lights. I'll have to find different way to mount my tag but the idea is to keep it look as close to original in the rear as possible. My buddy works at an aircraft shop and he plates all my gold stuff for me. I believe most of the fab work is done i just need to finish welding it solid. I was dreading doing it but once i got started it didn't take long it usually never does just trying to find the courag
  10. Oh also got my driver half shaft in but its nearly compressed at full droop. I swapped out the r180 for the 200 and used the half shafts that came with the 200 I checked them against the 180s and they appeared to be the same length can some one help me with this conundrum!
  11. Finally back to the grind quite literally! Now that it's warm I can get started again this weekend I finished up my gas tank frame finished fabricating the gas cap mounting bucket and welded up some on the rear section of the floor board. I'll post some pictures tomorrow
  12. I'll build it for you haha don't think it hasn't crossed my mind about pulling the motor out of my 2012gt I bought new into my 73 then throwing twin turbos on it I already got the Garretts for it
  13. Welded a frame in place and set the tank in there i still need to drill the mounting wholes and weld up the rest of the floor. I'm away on a work trip but will be back soon i hope to get everything together before it starts to turn cold. I always wanted a z with a sun roof.
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