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  1. I have a 260Z with a L20ET, and the fuel pump is currently running straight from the ignition. I want to fix this and introduce a fuel pump relay, but in order to do this I need to know which pin number from my ECU sounds out the fuel signal. My ECU has a single 35 pin connector, and pin 16 or 20 does not seem to carry the correct signal. Any info is appreciated.
  2. Ryan C

    260z Airdam

    PM sent
  3. Ryan C

    260z Airdam

    I'm looking for a 260Z air dam without ducts, and must be willing to ship to Europe.
  4. Ryan C

    Fitting 15X10's '79 280zx

    After reading this thread, I was confident in ordering a pair of 15x10J -40 offset wheels for the rear, but they stand 2 inches outwards the body. The photo below is of the car with the wheel bolted on and lowered on to a block of wood, to see how it will actually stand. Wouldn't this just look wrong and rub with the fender? If anyone can post photos of similar fitment to give me courage so I can keep them and not sell them for 15x9