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  1. Edited original post; still need oil lines and injectors!
  2. Hello all! I am looking for the parts need to convert an N/A to turbo 280zx. I am going to be in need of: Turbo Exhaust Manifold Stock turbo Turbo oil lines Turbo oil pan Stock j-pipe Stock turbo down-pipe Stock turbo injectors If you have any of these items please let me know! Thanks! EDIT 1/13/14: I am still in need of the stock turbo oil lines and the stock turbo injectors!
  3. Awesome! Just wondering, but around how much did it cost for the conversion without the intercooler? Is it easy to lose traction as opposed to when it was N/A? Thanks!
  4. All nice and pretty! I got this tire foam stuff and it works really well actually, shined them up perfectly.
  5. Do you remember if you got the oil pump for a manual or automatic transmission?
  6. Did you have a turbo oil pump when you were running the oil cooler? I was wondering because I'm worried about the drop in oil pressure if I decide to do it on my N/A.
  7. Yeah i read that a while back. Theres no citations or references to where he got his information and theres no publish date. So i just took it as a grain of salt. If I do notice difficulty shifting, then I'll switch oils, even though it'll probably be too late. Anyway! This last weekend I just cleaned and waxed her. I got a new parking brake coming this week along with an oil cooler adapter! I just took it easy this weekend and spent the time with my father instead of working on the car. Also; I continue to get completely random stalls while driving. As far as i can tell, its completely random with no precursor. I'll be driving and then the car will slowly drop its RPMS until it dies. I have to wait a few seconds until it starts up again and then its fine. I believe its electrical in nature but i cant pinpoint whats causing it. While the RPMS slowly drop, My throttle has no effect on the engine; almost as if doesn't exist. I've replaced the AFM, coil&wires, and ignition module. Theres been no change in the problem. I am STUMPED! It's even got my father stumped as well, and he knows EVERYTHING about these cars. I'll post some pictures later today of the car and an engine shot!
  8. Emergency brake is more of a fail-safe for me. There's always a possibility my brakes could go out (hose breaks), and if I was on the freeway or on the street I'd like to know that I could slow the car down in an emergency with the brakes. Also parking on hills makes me nervous by just leaving it in gear. And I daily drive the car so welding the diff wouldn't be the best decision haha, especially in the rain. As for LSD, I didn't know you could have one for the 280ZX? And yeah I'm thinking about getting rid of the cold start valve but I don't know how to plug up the fuel line leading to it. Also I would have a hole in the intake.
  9. The old GL-5 fluid(20-30 years ago) used to do that, the new additive in the modern GL-5's have fixed that problem. That's why it says on the bottle you can use it on manual transmissions, being that all manual transmissions use the brass syncros.
  10. Alright, last weekend I ended up changing out the transmission fluid. It was black as hell, I don't believe it's ever been changed- or if it was, probably around a decade ago. Smelled HORRIBLE. Filled up with some 80W90 GL-5 oil as much as it could take then put it back together. It shifts a little bit easier, but not really noticeable. Still getting a "clunk" when shifting into second, but that's not coming from the transmission so I don't care that much. Then I remembered I was smelling gasoline while driving so I looked on the intake manifold, and sure enough there was a leak on the hose for the cold start valve. I got some new tubing and put it back in. Smells gone now! I need to order a new emergency brake cable because it's completely broken on the drivers rear side. For now I only have the rear passenger wheel using the emergency brake, which makes me nervous parking on hills. Also, the driver side rear brakes are SO LOUD. It's constantly screeching even if I am not on the brakes. I replaced them a few weeks ago so they're not going bad, but they make have glazed or I may have gotten something on the rotor. I'll have to check it this weekend. I might throw my old AFM on which is tweaked to give it a little more air because I know I am defiantly running too rich and I've tried everything to put more air into the system. I guess I'll see how well that works out. Also: Wooooo! I managed to "drift" her around a corner this weekend and controlled it! First time I've done that!
  11. I actually couldnt find a good running one anywhere near me, and it was cheap as hell with a "rebuilt" engine in TX. As for passing smog, I just have a spare AFM that I throw on with the leanest setting on it to pass smog. Hasn't been a problem yet. Thanks for reading it man! I appreciate it!
  12. Hello everyone! I thought I might as well document everything that I have done to the car/planning on doing. LONG POST! Backstory: Sixteen years old and I wanted(NEEDED) a car- managed to find a 1979 280ZX N/A located somewhere in Texas. Being that I live in California, there was no way I could go and look at it. Luckily my mother lives out there and decided to go check it out. Yet, she didn't know much about cars, so I didn't know how well this would play out. Nevertheless, a few days later I receive a call stating "You got a car!" I was in complete disbelieve that she purchased it, without me even looking to see if it was running correctly/rust/etc. Managed to ship the car out here to Cali within a few weeks and I finally had my hands on a Z! Now, my father's been a mechanic his whole life- even owning his own shop for some 20+ years, so I felt that I was in SOME good hands. First thing I heard when the car is dropped off at my house is "the engine's missing". I freakout thinking the engines "GONE"- but it was barely running. and I mean BARELY. After a few weeks of doing the basic tune-ups (sparkplugs/oil/cap&rotor) it was running okay-but just okay. Present: Over the past few years the car has had it's difficulties - such as a the alternator belt blowing up on the way home one day, and the alternator itself crapping out. But other than that, it was wonderful. Yet as I continued to drive it- more problems slowly crept up. The timing was off, and I mean WAY off. It was at fifteen degrees after TDC, so I was amazed that it was still running. After weeks of trying to get the timing to work- we could only get it to five degrees after top dead center. After reading, I thought the oil pump might of been in incorrectly- and sure enough I was correct. Put the oil pump in correctly and BAM! Perfect timing! I spent money here and there fixing small parts. But once I hit around nineteen and had some money in my pockets, I started to spoil her! First, I replaced the entire exhaust system cat-back (Cali. SMOG Wooo!) with some 2 1/2 inch piping and it kicked up the power a little. Then I put on some KYB struts to help with the suspension a little bit- but it did NOTHING. Guess I need to replace the bushings to really get a big difference in ride quality. I bought a MSD Blaster II coil to help with the cold starts, as well as some 8mm spark plug wires. Then I made some aesthetic changes, such as taking of the rear louver(also, does anyone want a rear louver?), and blacking out the trim located everywhere on the car(chrome only looks good on Harley's IMO), as well as blacking out the stock wheels. Anyway: future modifications are where the real fun starts. I plan on getting a set of S13 coilovers to get some REAL ride quality changes as well as replacing the bushings w/ polyurethane I'm planning on running an oil cooler on the engine to help keep it as healthy as possible, as well as mount the oil cooler to the front of the bumper to give it a little of the "shakotan" look. Then eventually putting some 10 inch wide wheels all around with the big-ass ZG flares. Once I have a garage big enough I want to eventually put in a L28ET, and enjoy all the fun that comes out of that decision. Since I have two jobs/going to college full time, I only have time to work on her doing the weekend, so progress is verrryy slow. I daily-drive her each and everyday, and the engines clocked at around 270k miles but runs fantastically This weekend I plan on replacing the transmission fluid as well as running some Amsoil Power Foam through the engine to blow some carbon out. Being a Cali. car, I am limited to a large amount of modifications, such as aftermarket ECU's, header changes, changes to the intake manifold, and pretty much EVERYTHING ELSE. But I will get away with as much as possible! As of right now, that's pretty much it! I love this car to death and I feel lucky that this car was my introduction into the automotive field. I will continue to update this thread every weekend with what I have done/will be doing to it as to keep a log of everything!
  13. I was wondering if it was possible to run 10's on the front, and it's just for when I'm done working on the suspension. And I am fine with running a large negative offset all around with pulled fenders, that's the exact look I am going for. So as long as I stick to 3.5-4 inch of backspacing I should be okay on all four corners?
  14. I have searched alot, just to let everyone know, but I still have not found the answer I am looking for. I know I can run a 15X10 wheel in the rear of my ZX with no problems, as long as I have either a 0 or negative offset. As for the fronts, would a -40mm(or more positive offset) 15X10 fit in the front with stock struts/springs(With a very small sidewall)? I've looked but no one runs 15x10 in the front, usually 15X8 or 15X9.5.
  15. Any chance we could see a picture from the back of the car? I'm wondering how wide the wheels look on the car. You gonna go any lower haha? Car looks rad though! I like that front airdam, I need to get one soon but I can't find anyone selling one used. I agree with getting some spacers to push the wheel out, that'd make it look nice.
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