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  1. Hi, yes it's tight, not sloppy. Looks like with shipping to texas it will be $85 shipped please, my paypal is nerdigger@aol.com or my venmo is @andresadoff Thank you
  2. From two '73 240z parts cars: Some things are doubles (gauges mostly). Round 2 has a dark background in photos. Please specify. You can text me at 716-7two5-5366 if preferred. Prices do not include shipping. Coming from Buffalo, NY. Pics in reverse order of text for some reason Everything "ran when parked" fuel/amp gauge +/-60 amp $50 temp/oil gauge $50 Radio - sold panel with defrost and choke indicator light $30 windshield wiper/turn light stalk $40 SOLD short pigtail fuse box w/ cover, damaged. $45 door handle x2 $25 rear v
  3. Looking to sell series 1 240z carburetor setup, e46 intake manifold and 4 screw SU carbs w linkage, that indicates they came from a series 1 240z 1970-71. Ran when parked but they've been on the shelf for some years. $295 +ship without air cleaner. Includes everything shown (besides air cleaner piece). Have PayPal and Venmo Available for pickup in Buffalo, NY
  4. Since someone asked: original numbers matching motor is an e88 head and p30 block
  5. This car was sold at Niagara Falls Datsun in 1973. Manual transmission. In the 70's the car was painted red, the g nose and flares were added at that time as well. The g nose is said by Datsun to add 13mph to the top speed of the vehicle, though I've never tested that heh. My uncle bought the car in 1982, the previous owner was a friend of my father's. My uncle had a welder cut out any rust in the floors and put in new metal, he said the car wasn't too bad when he got it. Still have the original warranty booklet, owners manual and service manual, and it looks like an extended warranty was purc
  6. This came in a 240z I got a few years ago, I parted the car out as a friend of a friend wanted something for an lsx swap and my uncle has been trying to sell me his 240z for ages. The z I bought from my uncle has a rebuilt numbers matching original motor so I’m not changing it. This L28 came from a 280z and is supposedly built. Unsure what it has, could be just a cam, I wasn’t the one who put it together. N42 block, N47 head. Turns by hand. Remanufactured starter. Intake and exhaust manifolds were on until I just removed them, it wasn’t sitting exposed. L28’s originally came in 280z’s but the
  7. looks like round ports after all It's been a while since I've seen an L24 head without manifolds, is my E88 L24 head round exhaust ports as well?
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