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  1. My cats breath smells like catfood

  2. Hey, I havn't hardly posted on here, cause I really couldnt find reason too. Everything I was looking for was already on here asked by 300 other people lol. I seen the last few days yall been having trouble with the website, I'm glad its back up cause seriously this is my #1 source for info on my 280Z. Since I bought it a few years back I've finally got the efi to work and get the car up to where I can enjoy it. The motor is coming out near the end of the season and gonna put some flat tops and megasquirt. I seriously cannot wait to do all this. I just wanted to let everyone here on this forum
  3. So I'm now in the bodywork phase of my project trying to smooth out the dents and dings, I'm going with a flat green after I primer it. I'm kinda doing everything backwards mechanically. I've decided to refinish all the suspension and underbody hardware after I get some paint on her. Its been a hell of a road with this car, house buying put me way behind on this whole deal. I love this car! Oh and the pic, I got a notion to just up and do it last night at like 1am. I brought out the flash gun and my camera. Anyway back to the bondo party outside.
  4. Well here is where the project currently stands, Engine/Tranny have been paid for, sr20det is coming engine mounts and tranny mounts are here need to by half drive shaft for cheap to get the yolk. Body is stripped down to bare metal 97% small details and we are ready to rock. Back bushing are all ready to go in!
  5. Hi everybody, so its been awhile since I've posted anything about my car. More or less because I've been driving the hell out of it. I just love this car to death. But the time has come and the L28e is tired. So heres whats going on. 1. Ordered SR20DET engine and trans mounts from Mckinny motorsports, guys were awesome to deal with and very quick to ship. The only thing was that the tranny mount was powder coated and the engine mounts weren't and came bare metal. But the workmanship looks great and welds look solid and very nice. 4.90 out of 5 2. Brakes are now working tip top and h
  6. So update, excess fueling has been fixed, turns out it was a really cheap FPR. So new boots are on, vacuum advance is back on. Both lights a coming on no problem now. Next up,Engine mounts and the install of the bushing kit. find some wheels and start figureing out paint. I'm pretty happy today!
  7. Sorry about that, not sure why it did that? Let me know if it works, im looking at this in gold with silver lip non machined face. Let me know if you can see it. http://18racing.com/wheel_sa_racing.html
  8. Hi everybody been lurking around the forums reading reading reading! Havn't asked any questions cause everyone else has pretty much asked everything already lol, about a month ago I picked up a 1977 280z in kinda rough condition, but I've seen worse! I am attaching a link to the Dyno when I first got the car. I've been waiting a long time for another sports car and I wanted a real rwd 2seat 5spd car with a good sounding power plant with nice lines and this just fit the bill. I've got a truck for a daily driver and this is a real treat! Its the first time in years I've got in a vehicle and been
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